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Newcastle United: Fans blast picture inside St. James’ Park on social media

Image for Newcastle United: Fans blast picture inside St. James’ Park on social media

Newcastle United fans have been reacting to an image that has emerged on social media from their game against West Ham United.

The game on Sunday was the first with a ‘full’ St. James’ Park since their game against Burnley back in February 2020, and there were plenty of the Toon faithful delighted to be back in the ground to be able to watch their team play.

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A nice and easy one to start off with, how much is Callum Wilson worth?

However, there was one thing that some weren’t too pleased with, and that was with the facilities on the concourses at St. James’ Park. user @__RG27 posted a picture of a rather small screen up on the walls somewhere inside the ground with the caption: “They’ve had a year and a half to sort the TVs on the concourse, you can still see the brackets from when they had the bigger, better TVs.”

The image has since been circulated around supporters online where it gave them their own chance to express their anger at the lacklustre effort put in by the club:

“24-inch plasma bought off Gumtree. We certainly know how to entertain.”

“Such a perfect metaphor.”
“#nufc simply a disgrace no fan connection at all, may as well go back to the 70s. #notgoodenoughnufc @nufc prices are a disgrace as well”
“That’s a disgrace”
“Neglect by NUFC”
“Embarrassing @nufc

Do you think there have been positives from 's reign?

No, not a single one

No, not a single one

Yes, there have been a few

Yes, there have been a few

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise when you consider how little Mike Ashley has reportedly invested in the club, but even something like this does seem like penny-pinching taken to the extreme.

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