Date: 12th May 2021 at 8:15pm
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Newcastle United supporters have been reacting on Twitter after Liam Kennedy provided an update on the club’s prolonged takeover talks.

Current owner Mike Ashley agreed to sell the ’ Park outfit last summer to a consortium involving the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF), the Reuben brother and businesswoman Amanda Staveley.

However, the prospective new owners failed the Premier League’s fit and proper directors and owners test and Ashley has been locked in a court battle attempting to push the deal over the line ever since.

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Updates on the potential takeover have been few and far between in recent weeks, but Staveley made a string of interesting comments while speaking on a Bloomberg Terminal live blog.

When asked about the Magpies, she first clarified (as reported by the Shields Gazzette): “Firstly, I am party to strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), so I cannot speak about Newcastle United at this time.”

Staveley then went on to address the recent failed European Super League and what Middle East investors want to get out of owning a football club.

“We cannot really speak to the objectives of American owners, although clearly, financial returns are high up their agenda,” she said.

“As investors, we understand that. As for owners from the Middle East, there are many aspects they consider. Football has an impact on wider society. Our investing partners appreciate and understand that.

“They also understand that when we become owners we become custodians of important entities within their local communities.”

While her comments have given some renewed hope, others appear to be frustrated by the lack of a conclusion to this drawn-out ordeal.

“Waiting for answers makes me sick”


“Driving me mad this, life-changing”


“All sounds very positive to me. Let’s hope when they become owners it’s of Newcastle United”


“I believe!”


“Hope I am wrong but we could be in the same situation this time next year. Fans either need confirmation or put out of misery”


“Without her being able to say anything outright, which understandably she can’t legally, it’s pretty clear they are still at the table in my eyes, and it’s looking positive. It’s the reading between the lines, it’s pretty obvious.”


Looking at the replies to this post, it seems that some Newcastle fans are getting tired of waiting for there to be a resounding conclusion to this takeover saga whereas others remain optimistic and hopeful it will end soon with a positive outcome.

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