Leeds United: Fans swoon over footage

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A lot of Leeds United fans have replied to a tweet from @LeedsEverywhere, which shows some footage of the Whites playing Wigan Athletic.

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To kick things off what season is this from?

The video shows the Latics attempting a breakaway with many Leeds players high up the pitch. (0:02)

The ball is played to the furthest forward Wigan player (Josh Windass) who begins advancing into Leeds’ half. (0:04)

At first, he is one against one, but a swarm of white shirts come charging back, and suddenly it is seven against one, and Windass loses the ball. (0:06)

There is not one other Wigan player on screen by the time Leeds win the ball back. (0:09)

Does this impress you?

Yes, it is incredible

Yes, it is incredible

No, it is nothing special

No, it is nothing special

This footage has gone down brilliantly with many Whites fans.

What do we think?

This is incredibly impressive, and to be honest, we feel sorry for Windass – who doesn’t have a chance.

From videos like this, it is easy to understand why Marcelo Bielsa puts the Whites through intense training.

We are not surprised many Leeds fans love it as it is very impressive.

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