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Why Celtic should leave Rangers’ fans to fight their own battle:

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In a book written by the journalist Graham Spiers, about former Lyon coach Paul Le Guen’s time as manager of Rangers, Spiers stated that PLG as a manager was more suited to Celtic than Rangers. Spiers, no lover of the club, was trying to make the point that somebody with PLG’s football philosophy would be better suited to the Celtic style of playing, rather than the so-called huff and puff style of football that Rangers seem to play. This of course does not stand up to scrutiny. It is a myth. Rangers have produced as many, if not more, sublime footballers than Celtic. Players such as Jim Baxter, Davie Cooper, Alex MacDonald and George Young…the list goes on.

As Rangers supporters, the position we find ourselves in is an uncomfortable one. Having to take to the streets and voice our protest has never been something that the average Rangers supporter thought that they would ever have to do. The sight of tens of thousands of Rangers supporters marching through the streets of Glasgow somehow seemed surreal. The long lines of protesters slowly snaking their way through the streets, banners held aloft the colours, rallying calls through the megaphone all gave the picture of unity, a fight worth fighting. A quick glance and you would be forgiven for thinking that it was a union march protesting about the government or job losses.

There has been heavy criticism of the march and much has been made of it by the Celtic support, yet you get the feeling that in some sections of the Celtic support there are elements of jealousy creeping in. Graham Spiers seemed to imply that football styles were set in stone and that clubs could be categorised as such – so it’s interesting that the position that Rangers find themselves in now is a scenario that was made for the Celtic support, always playing the victims. We might expect this type of protest from the Celtic support, rather than Rangers. They like to portray themselves as the fans that resist authority, with their banners of Che Guevara, singing their “political” songs. You get the feeling that sections of the Celtic support are looking on with envy as Rangers get all the headlines with the protest march, the boycotts and lobbying members of the Scottish Parliament in this, the first title winning season in four years for Celtic.

However no matter what Spiers or the Celtic support thinks, or how envious they are, it must be remembered that this is Ranger’s battle and only Rangers themselves can fight and win it. Outside of Ibrox, the fans have never been the most vocal  – yes, it’s easy to blame Sir David Murray for his silence, but the support must share some of this blame for being weak and not standing up to the former chairman.  The goal for Rangers and their supporters must be to never fall asleep on the job again. The club’s reputation and history must be defended from those who seek to harm it. This is a wakeup call that has been answered by the support and to those who took to the streets. I would like to think that this generation of supporters took Rangers some way along the road towards this goal. It’s a goal worth fighting for. It is a fight worth fighting.

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  • Parabhoy. says:

    Talk about Rangers fans lowering the tone, WTF! I dare say there will be some Rangers fans that could maybe debate this, but resorting to the foul mouthed bile that has been spouted on here…beggars belief. You talk about the ‘history’. Is that the same history that sacked a player who committed the crime of marrying a catholic? He later went on to become the most successful Scottish manager ever. Accusing Celtic supporters of supporting terrorists is wearing thin. I had a distinguished career in the Army and am totally opposed to any terrorist organisation. Yes there’s a small element amongst the support that I dare say sympathise with these murderers, but it is a very small minority. I haven’t once heard a Rangers supporter saying the club has done wrong and should be duly punished, and most of you seem to be like wounded animals loking to blame everyone else for decades of corruption, deception, and mis-mangement.

    • yogI says:

      Well said, parabhoy.I have repeatedly voiced my condemnation of all these irish terrorist organisations and the vast majority of celtic fans feel the same,but so long as their are young guys who have attached themselves to our club with fairytales that they dont comprehend,then numnuts like that peter will have this behaviour to throw back at us.

  • Parabhoy. says:

    I’m feeling a lot of rage coming from Peter today, and I genuinely fear for Mrs Peter’s health and well being. A question for you Peter! Why don’t you go and direct this rage at the people responsible for putting your club(soon to be extict)into this position? I think soon we should get an advertising campaign going, to ‘look in on the Wife of a Rangers fan’. It would be a bit like checking the elderly during the winter months…Good luck for the season ahead:-)

  • Tony says:

    peter m you are the epitomy of all that is wrong with you imbeciles. feck aff and die in a corner you moronic fool

    pay your bills, dont cheat the taxman


    • peter m m says:

      You know wit, all you dummy Irish fellas hate rangers more than you love Celtic, you’re obsessed way us, don’t deny it, you don’t stop talking about us. And yer manager, fuck me the guys must be the most undignified manager ever, he’s just wee ginger Ned, who still to this day drinks in the westend trying to slag rangers supporters and getting into fights ,fact

      • mulsiebhoy says:

        Sorry, Peter the paedo, I can’t let it pass without pointing out that you critized someone’s spelling, then referred to companies as ‘company’s’ in the same sentence…fuckin retard! For whom the bell tolls, the bell tolls for thee

      • Ryan S says:

        Yeah mulsiebhoy,I already pulled him on his poor grammar to which he comeback with something along the lines of being a “dafty” and needing my sister to write my comment for me.Stick together fellow tims,we have a strong opponent here.Such wit and intellect I have never confronted but together we can defeat it.

      • martin kennea says:

        Very ignorant,arrogant,and uneducated.

  • Roger says:

    My God this is written for the blind bears out there who want to believe everything will be alright

    had to laugh when george young was described as a subline player
    HA H HA Haaa please stop it my sides are killing me

    big blue nose geordie sublime ha hahahahaha

  • sean says:

    Peter m m , now we can all see what kind of morons support and run that club u call yours , no wonder its lying in the shite with ppl like you around it , that shite will soon turn into the skitters , and u nor any1 associated with that club wil be missed or even noticed gone , keep them gers top u bought they will soon be antiques

  • john says:

    My,my Peter what an intellectual giant you appear to be. I dare say your mother is very proud of you. Now with the hilarious news just announced will you show us your fighting spirit. You don’t do walking away though you boys.
    I have a wee suggestion that worked a treat for a certain club a few years ago when it was in trouble. Their supporters simply dug deep bought shares that would never be sold and saved the club.
    You guys have been asked repeatedly to stump up but so far the amount you have pledged has been risible. Hence, you are an ex-football. No history, no future, just a bad taste and very bad smell left behind.
    Nevermind, you have the big walk to look forward to. When Scotland gets a chance to see its gorgeous men and women parade and wet themselves in public. Tatty-bye!

  • arniebhoy says:

    the bit i found most humorous was this……….

    “Having to take to the streets and voice our protest has never been something that the average Rangers supporter thought that they would ever have to do.”

    …..because of course, they prefer to take to the streets and riot!!!

    • sparky max says:

      You’re living in denial mate. I’m not gloating. Remember that that feeling when a girl that you like leaves you and you can’t understand it? That’s you right now. Looking for other reasons other than the simple truth. Rangers are fkcd. Get over it.

  • Charliebhoy67 says:

    It all starts going wrong in the first paragraph. I’m not old enough to remember the “sublime” George young but I do know that they never ” produced” baxter, Cooper or macdonald. They just won’t accept responsibility for anything. Still, that’s why they’re in the mess they’re in. Sat back and done nothing while their club has been torn apart through years of mismanagement. Brilliant.

  • Metal Mickey says:

    Tens of thousands snaking their way through Glasgow? Another Bun who can’t count:I blame the schools. LOL
    I must admit though Celtic fans must feel very jelous of the Rankers right now !!!

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