Will next season be ‘the one’ for this Liverpool star?


Saturday’s FA Cup final ended with a Liverpool defeat. Despite fighting back in the second half, the Red’s cup double dreams ended to a score line of 2-1. We were kept in our own half for an hour, defending and wading off the likes of Drogba, Ramires, and Kalou, all of whom looked threatening throughout the game.

Downing was not able to provide crosses as Chelsea defenders seemed assured. Suarez and Bellamy’s runs seemed to be kept on hold by Cole and Terry. And all in all Liverpool did not seem to have a sense of urgency in the game, not until the tall lanky striker from Newcastle, Andy Carroll came on.

Carroll was seemed to be radiating with confidence as he entered the pitch, which seemed to have an effect on the other Red men. The introduction of the number 9 man, proved to be a vital one, as he grabbed a goal back from Chelsea, and gave Liverpool a real fighting chance in the game.

With his introduction, both Bellamy and Suarez, made strong runs into the box and gave the experienced Chelsea backline a real problem. Even Downing, Johnson and Henderson looked to attack with powerful shots and good crosses.

It looked as though Liverpool had made it back into the game after a powerful header from Carroll was brilliantly kept away by Petr Cech on the goal line. But her comes the talking point; “Why didn’t Liverpool show more urgency in the first half?”.

Dalglish’s men looked slower than the Blues, the passes were not as accurate in the opponents half, and defense at times looked very unorganized and inattentive. Mistakes from both Enrique and Reina cost the Reds the first goal. As Enrique let Ramires into the danger area and Reina did not do enough to keep the ball out of the goal. Spearing’s passes were spot on but defensively he was poor.

Suarez in the first half didn’t seem to get much of the ball as Liverpool played passes in their own half. But here comes the huge positive from the game; we might have just seen a ‘sleeping giant awaken’, Yes I am talking about Carroll, who looked a little more deadly than his Newcastle days. He moved around much more, jumped up high in the air and had more accurate shots.

So is this the moment we were waiting for since his big money arrival? Could he be a destructive player in the next season? He’s disappointed since his arrival, but next season could be the one where he asserts himself. Only time will tell…

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  • Derrick says:

    Well may be but still that should not stop us from signing other quality strikers this summer.lets get luuk de jong,bent or moses these guy can help.with maxi demanding amove ,allow him go & replace with zaha.kk daglish have done enough LET hIM RESIGN & bring in Emery from valecia.we need top four.

    • Tanay Nambiar says:

      Exactly what I was thinking bring in De Jong, get carroll out on loan if he can fetch us 15- 20m itll be good. But I really want to see Gaston Ramirez, De jong and maybe a profilic striker like Higuain in. I dont mind Elm in the midfield too.

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