Are Man United fans right to get on Paul Pogba’s back?

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If we’re honest none of us have any idea what’s going on when it comes to Paul Pogba’s relationship with Manchester United. The fans don’t know, the pundits don’t know and the media certainly doesn’t know, despite plenty of claims to the contrary. We’ve all read a variety of fluff and dribble about the matter, most of which provides little substantiation and as such it’s impossible to tell what’s true and what’s false. Unfortunately, it seems like a pocket of fans have already made up their mind.

All we know for sure is that his agent is a greedy piece of work and that there have been questions surrounding his future. So I was vaguely disappointed, but not all together surprised to hear fans booing Pogba during his introduction against West Brom on Sunday. Are we really going to get on the back of an 18-year-old whose only real crime is that he seems to have bad mentors? In the end, don’t we want to motivate him to remain a Manchester United player?

I should of course clarify – the boos came from a small pocket of fans and were soon drowned out by the cheers of more sensible, refined United fans – but it’s still disappointing to see.

A small number of people just don’t seem to have a grasp on how these situations play out and how the media can twist them to their advantage.

Everybody wants Pogba to stay and as we don’t know the mindset of the player himself yet, it’s a little premature to start berating him. Nothing says ‘Please Stay’ like hearing the boos of your own fans. Luckily the mood changed quickly and the crowd got behind him with a cacophony of cheers whenever he touched the ball.

Hopefully little moments like that will provide a motive for him to forgo the additional money he might get elsewhere and sign a new United contract.

We don’t know what he’s asking for (I find it hard to believe he really expects £40k a week given his limited exposure to the Premier League) and we don’t even know if he has been in contact with Juventus as there has been no chatter from either club that would suggest this is the case.

Given that Sir Alex saw fit to put him in the team-sheet against West Brom, you’d get the feeling that things were beginning to develop nicely. So why did a bunch of idiotic fans have to go and throw a spanner in the works?

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  • gB says:

    Err were you even there? Pogba didnt get booed, he got cheered.

  • Peter says:

    Pogba has been in several different youth clubs.

    If he leaves United so what? United got him the exact same way in which he would leave

    • richard says:

      Well said Peter. I would have left out “so what” but your point is a valid one.United fans must accept that we have destroyed the hopes and dreams of several teams and their fans when we bought their top players. We must keep in mind how we got Pogba.

  • Dunc says:

    Sat high up in the Stretford End, he DEFINATELY was booed and it seemed loud up there. I can honestly say that i was not one of them. I’ve followed this kids progress on MUTV and he is going to make the grade. No doubts. We went through a lot to land him and Fergie is putting up a good fight to keep him. As soon as i saw him ready to come on, i felt that the Gaffer’s convinced him to stay. Rio and Evra been given the task of talking some sense to the lad and i think the softly, softly approach has worked. Credit to the kid if he has put pen to paper and going against his leech of an agent. Hopefully we’ll see Paul plying his trade at OT for many,many years to come.

  • dragon says:

    Peter and Richard – give it a rest with the righteousness. No United fans I know are whinging about the possibility of him leaving, if he was to go then its a shame, but we’re not going to be dropping tears in the cornflakes over it. If rumour has it right and he’s signed a new deal then great stuff, he’s a great player and I’ve wanted him in the first team squad for 18 months now. Banging on about United ruining the dreams of other clubs is nonsense. Players become great when they are in great teams, until then, its just potential and that’s the way of business and the football food chain. If we hadn’t have signed Pogba from Le Havre, somebody else would have. Or are you seriously trying to tell me that if nobody had signed him Le Havre would be challenging Barca for the Europe’s number one spot? Get over yourselves

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