FOUR Potential Crackerjack signings to break the monotomy at Liverpool:

Image for FOUR Potential Crackerjack signings to break the monotomy at Liverpool:

After Liverpool’s recent defeat at the hands of Sunderland, I’m sure that most Liverpool fans are pretty disappointed by the way the Reds played. I am not going to criticize anyone, but I think it is high time Liverpool get some changes into their squad. During the last couple of years Liverpool have lost many quality players like Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Sami Hyypia and yes Fernando Torres, which is probably why Liverpool are no longer capable of conjuring up dominating performances. After the departure of Alonso, Liverpool bought many midfielders, but none were able to recreate the same kind of quality crosses or free-kicks.

Although we thought Adam may just be the man, he has failed to replicate the Blackpool performances that brought him to Anfield. I still believe in Adam, I think he is a quality player and I hope he develops over the coming months.

But saying this I strongly suggest that the Reds invest in a creative midfield player who will create chances, which would relieve Suarez and Gerrard of some pressure. I think a possible investment would be Eden Hazard. He is one of Europe’s hottest properties and has been linked with Liverpool after Damien Comolli expressed his interest for the Belgian international.

Hazard would be a signing worth £40m which is a huge investment on a single individual and as Hazard has attracted lots of interest from Tottenham, Arsenal, and many teams from Italy, a move to Liverpool seems less likely.

Liverpool have also been linked with Keita, which I feel would not be the best decision. Liverpool should invest in younger talent. Keita does bring in experience to the squad but he is not a long term option. The cheapest and smartest move for me would be to bring Suso or Raheem Sterling from the reserves into the Premier League squad. Whether they could make the step up, however, remains to be seen.

Liverpool also lack a goal scoring forward. The Reds desperately need players like Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen or Fernando Torres (during their Liverpool days) someone who the Reds can always rely on for goals in tight situations. There are two options Liverpool could go for; a) a young and talented forward or b) a well known and well established forward.

Luuk De Jong would come into the first group; the Dutch international has featured in 22 appearances this season and has scored 19 goals for FC Twente. He was also the top scorer for FC Twente in 2010-2011 season. His arrival at Anfield could be on the cards as Liverpool have shown a lot of interest in him. He also provides many assists, which would also benefit Carroll. This is one individual I would love to see play at Anfield.
Price Range: £12-15m.

Gonzalo Higuain would come under the second group, although a move away from Madrid seems less likely, as he would come for a heavy price and he seems happy under Jose Mourinho. He would be an ideal partner for Suarez which could possibly turn out to be a terrorizing partnership.
Price Range: £20-27m

These would all be hopeful signings during the summer, but for now Liverpool have to play every Premier League game like it is a knock-out game. But don’t look so glum! We have a Merseyside derby in the Premier League that could restore some pride and also have the FA Cup Quarterfinals when we face Stoke at home.

With that being said who would you like to see the Reds sign this summer?

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  • Akash says:

    SACK kenny dalglish and appoint FRANK RIJKAARD…. if not means just closed the club, don’t spoil the club’s name by loosing to underdog teams like sunderland. And dalglish always give excuse if lose any match…

    • sam says:

      fuck off you liitle prick you dont know wat your on about you just pathetic look wat daglish has done for the club over the years all liverpool need is a striker who can score 20 goals a seseon you cant blame daglish for the players not performing you absolout NOBHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW GO FUCH YOURSELF AKASH

    • jake says:

      I agree with you son by the way we need to sign cavani/higuain or both if suarez leaves, eden hazard and ibrahim afellay cause downing and henderson are shit and javi martinez cause adam is shit.We need to promote suso and raheem sterling to the first team cause the rest of the team cant kick a ball. Finally, carroll is SHIT!!!!!!

    • phil07 says:

      akash s comments are among the most stupid and deluded rubbish i have ever read

    • liam kay says:

      akash sounds like a complete nob head who dosent know shit !!!!! go and get a job and stop using tax payers money to go on the internet and talk utter bullshit

  • alain says:

    Kenny absolutely have no idea during sundeland game.
    He ‘ totally lost. It time to go Kenny.
    Give the academy boys to ply against Sundeland are much batter then to see then liverpool the first team ply. So so sad……..

  • Steven says:

    For me,what i can say is sack KD immediately and bring back Rafa.he is the right man for Liverpool.

  • d h herbet says:

    Every manager needs time, we should let kenny see his contract out, and see where we are then, we are a honourable club, and we should honour the contracts we give, I believe KK will bring us the championship, but it may take the 2013-14 to see it! In every walk of life there is ups and downs, fans need to patient and stop being fickle, look at arsenal this season, lost 8-2 to united, and had a load of bad defeats, but look at them now! Man city finished 5th, then 4th and won the f.a cup, this season they could finish 1st or 2nd, its a progression, fans who thought liverpool would win or even get in top 4 this season were living in a dream world, united, city, chelski, spurs and arsenal have been building squads for the last couple of years and players who have played with each other a while now, we will see the best of kennys team in the next 2 years! Have faith fellow liverpudlians! Y.N.W.A

    • kopit84 says:

      How can you expect all Liverpool fans to have faith in a manger that has spent over 100m and around 85m of it was spent on shit English and British players,if Kenny is given another 100m he will spend most of it on more shitty English and British players. Us fans want to become the best not the worst.

  • figy says:

    As liverpool fans we tend to let our hearts rule and not our brains, in our heart we hope and pray KD does it, but in our brains its not working, after spending £35 million on carrol and the rest, its got to fall on KD, If we had bought another striker in jan we would not be where we are now, ( decent striker)or let the young ones have a go sterling sorry but in my head i hope KD stands down at end of season, we was lucky to win the cup and looks like we gone from a 4th position to be lucky to be in top 7. so realy only improvement is we can now spend a lot more money on a sub standard £35 million player who cant get in the first team, and in truth would not get into any of the top 4 teams never mind ours, what a total waste of money, carrol will be KD trojan horse. what a shame KD.

    • phil07 says:

      lucky to win the cup ? we were drawn away in every round, winning away at exeter, brighton, and noteably at stoke, chelsea, and man city ; we outplayed cardiff throughout the final and although their efforts were ‘heroic’ the best team won.

  • Jedi says:

    Why dont liverpool use any of their youth strikers in the game? Sterling? Ngoo? These boys are firing goals in from all angles on the field. What about Dani Pacheco? He was supposed to be our next Owen, yet all he does is get sent out on loan. Players like Carrol have no place in a squad that in the past has been built on passion and talent. Ive seen rubbish bins who can control a ball better.

    • d h herbet says:

      Because they r kids, and if you have watch the kids this year then you would know sterling has scored only a hatful this year has has ngoo, they have had luck like the 1st team hitting the wood work on numerous occasions and missing a few penalties, and have only won 3 home games, quite similar to 1st team! Even adam morgan went over 10 games without scoring! And has for pacheco, every chance he got, he failed and when he went on loan he bad mouthed the club, burning his bridges in the process, people forget the mancs sent wellbeck, cleverly and even beckham went out on loan, so loans can help a career if you are good enough!

      • d h herbet says:

        I do agree about carroll though! £35 million WOW! What was KK or Commolli thinking!

  • all lvpool need is 3 players world class winger midfield striker cavani hazard m”vila…. give me the job

    • Bomber25 says:

      What we need at the moment is a world class manager who can attract the best players.

  • Chambers says:

    Management has already told you….We don’t need anyone else! Get used to it. Think about this – the players we have bought are mid-table mediocrities and are delighted with their performances so far, after all they have got us in the mid table and to then and their histories that is absolutely splendid result!!! KD has said re this evening’s game, “form goes out of the window for this” but someone should tell him it already did games ago!!!

  • phil07 says:

    some of these so-called fans should grow up and support the players, the manager, and the club. all they do is moan. its like listening to united fans.ill-informed, over-reactive nonsense. if we beat everton and stoke they will thankfully all shut up

  • RedRoy says:

    I so wanted Kenny to succeed, but judging by his signings ( all crap ) i fear for his reputation. Fenway will have to take a big hit to get us back on track. We need a new midfield a new striker and a new leftback, wich puts us back to the days before Hodgson! Can’t believe the team selections, then the crazy substitutions, wich are often much too late. So i think that Kenny can save face by moving upstairs and do an amdassadors job for the club. I also fear that Suarez is already planning his escape, and with this ending our chances of attracting top players to our club. let’s face it, would you jump at the chance of playing with that lot? no did’nt think so.

  • d h herbet says:

    Sick of so called fans, moaning all the time, its like the song u only sing when were winning, u support your club and manager when losing and winning, kennys not soft, if he doesn’t think he being liverpool manager is the right thing, he won’t hang around, because believe it or not, kennys like us, he loves liverpool and wants what’s best! So get off his back and start supporting your club, Y..N..W..A

  • Tanay Nambiar says:

    Glad to see some fellow fans who are showing faith in the manager and the u think we should change our tactics a little bit or is our squad that lacks the depth?

  • Ryan says:

    Love Pool and got great respect for n great man and manager KK ,butt I believe LFC supporters in England let their emotions cloud their judgments don’t want to see KD being saked butt no bodies irreplaceable. Yes, players not performing butt its the managers duties to bring the best out of them. @ the moment it looks like KD is untouchable. No man is greater than the Club.

  • d h herbet says:

    I think we should attack more, like when kk took over last year ,we played some good footy, I think we emphasised to much on defending, attack is the best form of defence, I don’t know if steve clarke has something to do with it, but kenny needs to play a more attacking formation, in my opinion, but whatever he does I will support, because he is the manager (and knows best), and when he or nesv decide to part company with each other that’s how it should be! As we all know the club is the most important thing! And I don’t think changing managers all the time would help r club! Just look at chelski! Just hope we put a good performance tonight and get the luck we haven’t had this season and win the derby, c’mon redmen, 3pts is needed, than we can concentrate on stoke and fingers cross another trip to wembley! Y…N…W…A

    • Tanay Nambiar says:

      Exactly like how we ended the season right? We really creativity in the midfield..that is exactly kd should try and sign hazard or bring suso from the reserves as far as the striker goes..we won’t be able to podolski or higuian..let’s go for de Jong..I think he’ll b a gud partner for Suarez or kuyt due to the Dutch connection he would also be a suitable partner for Carroll due to his ability to deliver quality crosses..and if Suarez decides to move then try and bring in cavani

      • d h herbet says:

        I think people forget we sold raul merelies at the end of the transfer window, and we haven’t replaced him, also lucas injury has had a bad effect on us, they say u only reliased how good some1 is, when there not there, as for suarez wanting to leave, no player is bigger than liverpool, I would ask suarez (if he actually does want to leave) to have a talk with a certain mr torres about leaving liverpool!

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