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Tottenham Hotspur: Fans react to latest Nuno Espirito Santo quotes

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A number of Tottenham Hotspur fans have reacted with frustration after Nuno Espirito Santo’s latest quotes left them doubting their manager. 

Speaking in a press conference ahead of the club’s Carabao Cup match against Wolves, the Spurs manager said (as quoted by journalist Alasdair Gold): “My message is clear: we are working very hard and the players are committed to it. It’s about trying to build during the competition, we don’t have too much time on the ground. We are going to gel. It’s how I work, with everybody involved.”

The former Wolves boss will likely be feeling the heat for the first time in his new job having lost back-to-back league games, and with the north London derby on the horizon.

His quotes were shared on Twitter by the club’s official page – which highlighted an earlier line Gold did not include in his tweet: ‘Our fans deserve much, much better than what we did on Sunday’ – and it didn’t take before many supporters had their say.

Here’s what these Tottenham fans had to say…

“I’m losing trust mate.”

“Same answers, basic answers nothing new. The only way he can communicate with us fans but yet again he isn’t giving out much. Disappointed.”
“You are a fraud. I was fooled, bamboozled and led astray by that fist-pump video.”
“Resign, then.”
“Excuses already. ENIC out!”
“We deserve better than you tbh.”

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It’s clear to see these Spurs fans have quickly lost faith in their manager. Things had started so well for Espirito Santo, who won all three of his first league games and claimed the Manager of the Month award for August a result.

Things quickly change in football, though, proven by the tweets above. If Arsenal end up winning the north London derby later this week, even more fans could be calling for the Tottenham manager to ‘resign’.

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