Tottenham Hotspur: Martin Samuel discusses latest Harry Kane claims

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Journalist Martin Samuel believes the latest reports surrounding Harry Kane make it appear more and more likely that he will leave Tottenham Hotspur this summer.

The back-and-forth over the England captain’s future is still raging on as the start of the Premier League season draws ever nearer, although claims in The Sun have suggested that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has gone against his long-held stance that he would never sell his prized asset.

Added to that, a recent report from Mike McGrath in The Telegraph claims that Kane will not play in Tottenham Hotspur’s first game of the season, which just so happens to be against Manchester City, citing his ‘exertions’ following his campaign with England this summer, where he started every game as England reached the final of Euro 2020.

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Speaking about the matter on TalkSport, Samuel believed that there might be ulterior motives behind the decision not to play him if the Telegraph report was indeed true:

“I’ve seen reports since, I think Mike McGrath wrote it in The Telegraph, that Harry Kane won’t play, Harry Kane will be given time off at the start of the season. If that’s true, he’s going to Manchester City. I mean, as soon as I read that, I’m thinking, right, well if that’s true, then he is going to Manchester City.

“Because the only reason you would rest your striker in August over a tournament that finished five weeks earlier, the only reason is if you didn’t want him turning up in a sky blue shirt and the fans burning the place down, that is the only reason.

“So if Harry Kane is not playing for Tottenham or Manchester in the first game of the season, he’s playing for Manchester City by the end of the month. Of that, I am absolutely convinced.”

TIF Thoughts on Martin Samuel’s comments about Harry Kane’s reported move from Tottenham Hotspur to Manchester City…

Will Kane leave Spurs this summer?





The whole thing does very much come across as a situation of ‘if there’s no smoke, there’s no fire’.

For instance, there are no other reports coming in about other members of the England team getting rested for the first game of the season. But for all the to be surrounding Kane does potentially lean towards a gentleman’s agreement being in place between the two sides, with the opening game of the season just adding to the idea perfectly.

Of course, this could all lead to nothing in the end, but with just under three weeks to go until the two teams meet in the opening game, there are sure to be a few more twists in this sage before it reaches a conclusion.

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