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Leeds United: Fans react to Phil Hay’s tweet about Victor Orta

Image for Leeds United: Fans react to Phil Hay’s tweet about Victor Orta

A lot of Leeds United fans have flocked to a post from Phil Hay in which he confirmed that Victor Orta was spotted at for the Whites’ Premier League game holding a “Football is for the Fans” t-shirt after plans for a European Super League were announced.

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Starting with an easy one who is Leeds United's top Premier League goalscorer this season?

Before the game, Leeds players wore the same t-shirts as opponents Liverpool were one of the clubs who intend to join this Super League.

However, it was Orta’s actions that drew the attention of these Whites fans who were very happy.

He gets it. I really hope he’s here for a while yet. Need more of those people who get it, and get Leeds”


Outspoken as ever – love the man!!!”


He really is a hero, he and Radz.”


Did you like Orta doing this?

Yes, shows that he cares

Yes, shows that he cares

No, only doing it as a PR stunt

No, only doing it as a PR stunt

The backlash to the ESL has been extreme, with the British government also strongly against the idea, along with FIFA and UEFA.

So, it will be interesting to see what happens, but it was great to see Orta representing the fans, and this post continued to draw in Whites fans who had their say.

What a boy”


Of course he is”


Well done Orta”


The whole situation is moving quickly, but two of the English clubs committed to the league are apparently having doubts, so perhaps there is a chance the entire thing collapses, which could be fantastic news for those battling the proposals.

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