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Leeds United: Fans react to image of Massimo Cellino

Image for Leeds United: Fans react to image of Massimo Cellino

Leeds United fans on Twitter have reacted to a latest image of former Whites owner and chairman Massimo Cellino that has surfaced on social media this weekend.

This comes after football journalist Francesco Porzio shared a post on his Twitter page that contained the image of Cellino coaching on the touchline during a game between his current club Brescia and Cremonese in the Italian second division.

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Nice easy one to start off with, what number does Phillips wear for Leeds United?

Also spotted in the image is Pep Clotet, the current manager at Brescia.

This post then gathered a number of replies from Leeds fans who were quick to share their thoughts on the matter.

So, what did these Leeds fans have to say in response to seeing this image of Cellino?

“Incredible to see how far Leeds have come” 


“How did Pep end up working for this absolute lunatic?!” 




It pains me that this madman is part of our history #lufc


“I’m sure this all ended well.”


“another Alioski files entry – the Italian fraud has no shame.”


Utter clown soo glad he got out of Leeds the buffoon ! #lufc”


“He should be banned from football. Absolute fruit loop.”


Unbelievable this mad man used to own Leeds, I’d still to have a beer with him mind lol More unbelievable is that sat in the background is Pep Clotet. So very happy and proud to have @andrearadri running the show now, our whole football club from top to bottom is perfect”


Pep Clolet sent to stands so owner Cellino walks down and takes the team. This is very Cellino. What a character he was #lufc


“Sweet Jesus. Outrageous.”


Looking at the replies to this post, it’s clear to see just how amazed and surprised these Leeds fans are at seeing Cellino coaching the Brescia players on the touchline while Clotet, the manager, is sat down in the background on his phone.

Are you glad Cellino is no longer at Leeds?





In our view, for a chairman or owner of a club to be coaching the players on the touchline during a game while the manager is sat on the sidelines on the phone is rather odd, so it’s understandable why these Leeds fans have reacted in such a way.

Though, they will remember all too well as he endured quite the tumultuous reign at Elland Road.

Given the response to this post, it’s also clear that these Leeds supporters are glad that Cellino is no longer involved at the Yorkshire club.

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