Date: 24th January 2021 at 11:05am
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Supporters of Tottenham Hotspur have been reacting to some comments from Jose Mourinho which were relayed on Twitter by reporter Alasdair Gold.

Earlier this month, West Bromwich Albion manager Sam Allardyce bemoaned the fact that Brexit regulations were adding a layer of difficulty to player signings (per Sky Sports).

He claimed that the Baggies had to pull out of three deals to sign players as they would not qualify for work permits.

On Friday, Gold relayed some comments from Jose Mourinho in which he discussed the difficulties of signing players due to the regulations (per Alasdair Gold).

Mourinho said that it is “not an easy situation” and that has led to clubs wanting to keep English players.

The manager went on to explain that an alternative is to use academy players, however, at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the better youngsters are “16, not 18 or 19“.

After these comments were shared on Twitter by the journalist, lots of fans flocked to them to air their thoughts.

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A nice easy one to start off with, who is Tottenham's record signing?

So, what did these Spurs fans have to say after Alasdair Gold shared Jose Mourinho’s comments?

“Does not help when poch let all our best youngsters leave as he would not give them a chance!!”

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“Parrott in the mud.”

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Of the players in Spurs’ current 28-man first-team squad, just eight of the players are English and a further three come from a country within the United Kingdom (per Transfermarkt).

Would you like to see Jose Mourinho give youngsters more of a chance at Spurs?

No, he's doing fine

No, he's doing fine

Yes, needs to do more

Yes, needs to do more

“Not great to hear for some of the u23 lads”

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“Talk about shoot down our youth”

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Across the Premier League as a whole during the current transfer window, only £31m has been spent on incoming players.

Mourinho’s outfit has not contributed to that total at all, as the north London club has not brought in any new faces during the current transfer window as of yet.

“The current U23 squad is being binned then”

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“Feel like we’ve got a fairly talented 24-year-old English lad in the squad who could do a job for us.”

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As can be seen in these responses from Spurs supporters, many fans took Mourinho’s comments as a slight on the club’s current under-23 team.