Date: 12th February 2019 at 1:18pm
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John Hartson has boldly claimed that the Scottish FA only punished Rangers key striker Alfredo Morelos because they felt like they had to, not because he deserved it.

Morelos was involved in an incident with Aberdeen’s Scott McKenna when the two sides faced off last week, and as a result, was sent off for it – but the ex-Celtic striker reckons the SFA have only handed out a punishment in order to “hammer” the player.

Hartson adds that decisions like the one involving the Gers star is rather disappointing for the Scottish game, as it takes away what has been an entertaining campaign.

“In my opinion, they have only now meted out this punishment to Morelos because he has been sent off a number of times now, and they feel that they have to be seen to be doing something to hammer him,” he said in his Evening Times column.

“It’s really sad and disappointing for the Scottish game, because it is beginning to really take the shine off what has been and continues to be a great season.”


Alfredo Morelos is well-known for being a hot-headed player this season, but it is hard not to agree with Hartson here. He is right – the SFA are only punishing him because they felt like they had to after the number of incidents he has been involved in this season. The pundit claims that this is “really sad” for the Scottish game, and you cannot help but be in agreement. There is no denying that what Morelos did to McKenna was wrong, and he was rightly sent off – but the fact he was not punished for incidents that were more serious earlier on in the term is what is angering most people. This shows the inconsistency with making major decisions such as these, and like Hartson said, it is taking the shine off what has proved to be an entertaining season so far. However, Morelos does need to stop being so emotional on the pitch – otherwise nobody would be discussing the issue.