Miller speaks out about Caixinha rift

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striker has spoken publicly for the first time about claims he was behind a dressing room leak during Pedro Caixinha’s time as manager.

Miller was frozen out of the first team picture under Caixinha and sent to play for the clubs U-20 side, and with the Portuguese subsequently talking about a supposed leak from the dressing room, Miller was assumed to be behind this.

The veteran remained out of the squad for three games, but was immediately restored and appointed captain by Graeme Murty after Caixinha was sacked.

Miller has now spoken out about the insinuation that he was behind any leak or dressing room discontent, and slammed Caixinha for failing to tell the full story.

As quoted by the Scottish Sun, Miller said: “All I’ll say is it was frustrating around that time because of everything surrounding the issue, which, by the way, was an absolute load of nonsense. Whether there were other agendas going on, I don’t know.

“All I can say is there were absolutely malicious things going about. It was nonsense and defamatory towards me and my character. I came into work every day because there was nothing else I could do about it effectively. There was just a lot of stuff going on — a lot of stuff — that was utter nonsense.

“There was only one man who could have cleared it all up, but I’m not going into specifics on that. Why it happened, I don’t know. It was never clarified.”

Caixinha’s rift with Miller was most likely a significant factor in his sacking. For him to freeze out a man who has more than 250 appearances for the club, someone who bleeds Rangers, was a grave mistake. It would have isolated him in the dressing room and probably contributed to his downfall. Millers comments on the situation are fascinating, and the way that Caixinha failed to address the rumours going around would have isolated him even further among the players. Miller came back and scored a double against Hearts, but the has been massively inconsistent since then. need him back on form if they are to climb the table this season. 

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