Tottenham or Liverpool: Where should Gylfi Sigurdsson Go?


Since Iceland international Gylfi Sigurdsson arrived in the Premier League with Welsh side Swansea City he has shown the footballing world what he can do and why he has attracted the attention of managers like Sir Alex Ferguson in his relatively short career.

The 22 year old midfielder only made his debut in the 2008/09 season for Reading albeit starting off by making substitute appearances in League Cup ties vs Luton Town and Stoke City respectively. He then went out on loan on two separate occasions to Shrewsbury Town and Crewe Alexandra before being included in Reading’s first team plans under new manager Brendan Rogers for the 2009/10 season.

Following a great first season in the Reading first team he was not only named Reading Player of the Year but he was also attracting the attention of bigger clubs in the Premier League. At the time he signed a three year deal at the Madejski and his star looked set to shine even brighter in the 2010/11 season. However with Brian McDermott now at the helm and after another great start to a new season, German side Hoffenheim tabled a bid between £7-8 million for the Icelandic, a bid which proved to be too good to turn down for the Royals.

At the end of the 2010/11 season despite only making 13 appearances he was named Hoffenheim’s player of the season by their fans but having fallen down the pecking order even more during the first half of the 2011/12 season Sigurdsson was offered the chance to re-unite with Rogers at Swansea. In his 18 league appearances for the Swans, Sigurdsson scored 7 goals and 4 assists and looked set to make his move permanent. But following the departure of Rogers to Liverpool the move collapsed and here we are.

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With Liverpool looking the favourites for so long for the signature of Iceland’s hottest prospect, the team now in the ascendancy are manger less Tottenham Hotspur who have had their bid already accepted by Hoffenheim and are willing to exceed any contractual offers Liverpool want to offer. However, now with Reading’s Russian investment there is talk of a return to the Berkshire club being on the cards. Talk which in all honesty would be a step backwards in the career of Gylfi Sigurdsson.

We are poised in a deadlock it seems, as the question must be out there; how can a player sign for a club with no manager? And not only that, a manager who it is reported couldn’t cope with players at Chelsea and having spoken to their Chelsea counterparts the Tottenham players don’t want as a manager?

Personally, Sigurdsson should sign for Liverpool if the move is there. But considering that pre-season is just around the corner I wouldn’t rule out the long time admirer of the talent of Sigurdsson and the shrewd business man that is Sir Alex Ferguson showing an interest and would potentially want him as the man to succeed Paul Scholes.

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  • Benny says:

    So it’s Liverpool ,United or Reading erm…..,So Spurs it is then cheers lads.

  • john says:

    sigurdsson will sign for spurs this week but im sure you already know this ,if you have to write an article can you try to at least make it believable

  • davspurs says:

    I have heard he has had a medical signed and he will be unveiled with Avb or Blanc abd Vertonghan on Monday

  • robbie says:

    I hope he chooses spurs would be a good addition to our squad.

  • Jay says:

    As a Chelsea fan it has to be Spurs that Sig chooses, Liverpool are a great club but unfortunately the players are not good enough and I would prefer to play with Bale over Downing, VDV over Henderson and Modric over Gerrard

    • Tony Howard says:

      Thats ok saying you would prefer to play with certain players but if those certain players aint there I.e modric then it’s not really a point that can be made.

      • thecoys says:

        well if modric leaves,we’ll chase moutinho,and sahin even better.fact is liverpool no longer have the pulling power,thats what happens when you finish 8th

        • Browny says:

          Hahahahaha with spurs not in the champ league and only offering the Europa, like Liverpool… The fact is that spurs have far less pulling power.. This is why Liverpool have the two biggest sponsorship deals in the country and 2nd in the world. Spurs kit and 2 shirt sponsorships didn’t match liverpools warrior price, let alone the standard chartered deal…
          Liverpool still attracts a global audience.. Spurs doesn’t

  • “Where should Gylfi Sigurdsson go”……….. To hell, the money grabbin shyt!!!!!!

  • dashing says:

    gerrad are better than modric…me spurs fan

    • thecoys says:

      maybe 5 years ago,he over the hill now,me a real spurs fan

      • Tony Howard says:

        As a real spurs fan, were can you honestly see yourself finishing this year If modric goes, let’s face it 10pts or more ahead of your biggest rivals arsenal and considering the start they had, and yet you still failed to make champions league, so in your opinion Liverpool are a mid table team from a poor poor season but I can guarantee you we would not have thrown away that bigger pts difference so I am interested as to hear where you think you can honestly see yourselves finishing this year, and as for getting moutinho I think your punching way above your weight there, levy won’t spend that sort of money that’s for sure, I actually like the way spurs and arsenal run there tight ship and refuse to pay big money in fees and wages, lets be honest here Liverpool have spent big on mediocre players and I truly believe that will stop Rodgers having “loads of money” to spend this transfer window.

        • Tony says:

          As you implied but failed to say, Spurs should have finished on around 80pts last year. Losing one key player doesn’t necessarily then drop you down to 60-65pts, especially when you then have money to reshape the squad, and buy a Modric replacement. You say we’re punching above our weight with Moutinho, he is quoted today saying he would be happy to work with AVB again… so who knows. Financially Spurs are in good shape, as you acknowledged. But it’s probably better than you realize- we still have around 30-32 senior professionals on the books. Some of those have to be offloaded to cut down to 25, that will bring in around £30m in transfers, plus save around £15m on wages. That’s before we consider the £40m for Modric. The process has already begun, £5.5m for Corluka, and reportedly dos Santos going to Athletico Madrid for £8m.

          That’s in stark contrast to Liverpool where you rightly say you bought badly- £115m on mediocrity. Sadly I have some bad news for you- because of amortisation about £80-90m of that has still not gone through your books, whereas the money for Torres,Babel and Mascherano has. Net result Liverpool will simply have to give most of those failures a second chance. There isn’t going to be much to spend.

        • Tony Howard says:

          I do agree that Rodgers will have to try and get the best out of some of the players that was brought in under dalglish, of course the other question that could be raised is how Carroll truly will fit into the tiki-taka style of play that Rodgers likes to use, regardless of amounts being banded about for players, I simple cannot see levy spending big money, my understanding is that spurs don’t or won’t pay big wages to keep in line with there structure which is not a bad thing of course, what are you thoughts on dos santos? My thoughts are that he is a young talented player but never was given a chance under redknapp, would like him to be sold or kept and given a run in the team he is a player I would like to see at Liverpool .

    • Wilson says:

      Gerrard is an old man who showed in Euro 2012 he is over the hill, what was it 1 free kick, a couple of corners and 3 long passes, sum total of his attacking contribution.

  • john says:

    He could go to one of the biggest clubs on Earth in Liverpool, who have under acheived last season, or he could go to a medium sized club thats over achieved, and maybe get a few extra quid there at the moment.

    • Tony says:

      A club who were one of the biggest clubs on the planet,when funded by the Moore family, but now have a mediocre squad, no money, and an ageing and declining fan base……. or he could go to a club on the way up, who will announce a major cash injection next week to build a new stadium, with an extra £50m in revenue as a result, and a higher turnover than Liverpool. You keep dreaming!

    • Wilson says:

      Cloud cuckoo land.

  • anfield says:

    I can’t believe that shit face jay is using Stevie g and modric in the same sentence, Stevie is a living legend. The team just underperform last season we hit the post 36 times we will get our little luck this season and I almost forget spurs fans say bye to vdv and modric.

  • Wilson says:

    Bit od a stupid question considering he is going to Spurs

  • Tony says:

    @Tony Howard- I do agree with what you say, dos Santos has real talent, but ‘Arry didn’t seem to trust him. Possibly a young player like that needs an extended run, but when you have a combination of Bale and VDV playing in his favourite positions it’s not easy.

    On Liverpool-Rogers will certainly improve the team, but he will really need to wheeler deal to freshen things up. Would he consider selling either Carroll or Saurez to raise funds, and bring in 3 or 4 of his own players?

  • Fernando says:

    Werent we the ones that keep insisting suso and coady shuld get a chance so why are we worried to miss out on gylfi wen we can save money and focus on similar youngsters we already have rather then to waiste our reserve players hard wrk so let him go where ever he ants lets focus on wut we already have ynwa its no lost more then a blessing then anything else

  • Akash says:

    Liverpool is right club for him, not totthenham

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