Would either of these men be wise to take the Liverpool job?

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As the days pass and Liverpool’s owners frantically scramble to put a new manager in place, it appears increasingly likely that their chosen man will be either Roberto Martinez or Andre Villas-Boas. Whilst at first glance, this may seem like a much-deserved step up the managerial ladder for Martinez, or a speedy route back into English football for AVB, is the Liverpool job really the glamorous role that it once was?

Swansea’s Brendan Rogers and Ajax’s Frank de Boer are two high-profile names who are already known to have turned down the opportunity to speak to the club. After a successful debut top-flight season, it seems that Rogers is keen to stay on and continue his progress with the Welsh side. De Boer has also stated his intentions to remain in Holland and complete the job that he has started.

So, what are the prospects of Liverpool’s remaining options? First, let’s take Martinez. Wigan chairman Dave Whelan has revealed this week that the Spaniard has been in Miami for talks with representatives of the Merseyside club. Wigan finished 15th in the Premier League last season – a quite remarkable last-gasp effort from a team that was languishing in the bottom three for the majority of the campaign. After three successful years at the helm of the North-West’s serial relegation survivors, is it time for Martinez to move on and try his hand at one of Europe’s “big” club sides? He will be tempted by the perks of managing a club like Liverpool, for sure; he will certainly have sat back in admiration as Kenny Dalglish was given the resources to sign Luis Suarez (£22.7m), Andy Carroll (£35m), Jordan Henderson (£20m) and Stewart Downing (£20m).

But whilst Martinez is worshipped by Wigan fans for repeatedly dragging them back from the brink of relegation, it is unclear how he would cope with the greater levels of expectation that the Liverpool hot-seat would bring. In his current role, ensuring survival in the Premier League is as much as anybody could ask for from Martinez. In Liverpool, he would be inheriting a club that – despite finishing a disappointing eighth place last season – retain aspirations of European glory and a title challenge.

What about AVB then, he must be desperate to get back in the game and prove the doubters wrong? The problem is, regardless of his credentials, the ex-Chelsea man’s time at the London club is far too fresh in the memories of English football fans. Whether you believe he was rightly or wrongly given the chop, his spell in charge cannot be viewed as a successful one. That’s a bad foot to start off on, in anyone’s book.

The Portuguese coach’s management style was clear to see in his short time at Chelsea, as he attempted to phase out the club’s ageing stars and begin to build a youthful squad of his own. Whilst Liverpool’s side may not include the same sort of “old guard” in terms of veteran players, there are regular, established names for the Reds. Would Villas-Boas be willing to persevere with Skrtel, Henderson, Downing and Carroll – all of whom have delivered more than their fair share of sub-par performances over the last year? Liverpool is not a club that will wait for success, much in the way that Chelsea wasn’t; the fans want instant results and a manager such as AVB is unlikely to be afforded the time to mould his own squad at a team that is so used to silverware.

It is perhaps not surprising then, that managers are being so cautious when it comes to their association with the Liverpool job. It is not easy to fill the boots of a club legend such as Kenny Dalglish, which is exactly what his replacement will have to do. But the real truth of the matter is that the Liverpool job is just not that attractive to managers any more. Who would want to deal with the pressure of running a club with such soaring aspirations and such a lack of form to back them up? It remains to be seen whether Martinez or AVB will be brave enough to take on the challenge.

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  • CostaY says:

    LFC is in the course of the most critical days/weeks of its modern history and Principal Owner’s John W. Henry and Chairman’s Thomas Werner era. The decision they will make by appointing a new manager will stigmatize in-depth time the future of one of the most historical clubs/brand name in the overall history of world-wide football! This is the time for a serious decision from serious, intelligent, visionary people with a sharp mind. They do not have the luxury to call it wrong; they know that, they realize that. At this specific moment LFC does not have the luxury for further experimentations as it has been going through for the last 20 years with the appointments of Greame Souness, Gerard Houllier, Rafael Benitez, Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish; all those choices have contributed to the club’s decline. Furthermore, the fans are fed up with psycho-destruction choices that irritate and annoy them. The fans are hungry listen the owners announcing the appointment of a well-established world class manager name with a proven title winner record not the name of an unrated/unpopular manager no matter if he has the potential or not. The owners cannot further build and expand LFC’s brand name worldwide by making such an appointment and cannot increase LFC’s jerseys’ sales. Lastly, an increase to LFC revenues can also come by finishing on the top four in Premier League and participating in Champions League.

  • magnumopus says:

    Sure it easy to fill the boots of Kenny, just hire Rafa The Man!

  • rayg44 says:

    Totally Agree mate !!!

  • SuaRed says:

    Liverpool football club are in the position they’re in today (no league titles in 20+ years) because of people like you! Backward! I’m surprised you’re on the internet due to your fear to embrace anything new!

    In the 60s, 70s and 80s Liverpool football clubs success was built on being ahead of the curve! A club which was innovative and forward thinking. At that time the boot-room was the secret and the open debate between those great football minds fuelled that success and was something that no other club had done or knew how to do as well as LFC. Oh the halcyon days you all long for!

    FSG are trying to drag our club (kicking and screaming by the sound of things) into the 21st century. A modern forward thinking football club which other clubs want to copy once again. I and the vast majority of Liverpool fans don’t want to go back and are sick of the sentimental nostalgic bubble which some of you are afraid to leave. It’s holding us back!

    Our club needs restructuring from top to bottom!

    Moores brings in Souness and gets it wrong. Moores brings in Evans and gets it wrong. Moores brings in Houllier and gets it wrong. Moores brings in Rafa and gets it wrong then sells to cowboys and gets it really wrong. That’s 21 years and unless you’ve not been keeping up with current event (or not really paying attention) IS the LIVERPOOL WAY!!! We have been mismanaged for 21 years and you’re criticizing FSG for wanting to change the last 21 years of mismanagement. There’s your man at the top (Moores)! Shocking.

    FSG offer a modern plan. With a modern structure and an approach which will afford the club continuity and consistency no matter who the manager is.

    Before Rafa Benitez made a name for himself at Valencia were was he and what had he done? From 1995 to 2001 he was at 5 clubs Real Valladolid 1996–1997 Osasuna1997–1999 Extremadura 2000–2001 Tenerife. Achieving little more than promotion an relegation in that time and then Valencia gave him his chance and we all know what happened.

    Before Pep Guardiola made a name for himself at Barcelona were was he and what had he achieved! Barcelona B team 2007-2008. That’s it.

    Before Jurgen Klopp made a name for himself at Dortmund were was he and what had he achieved? 2001–2008 1. FSV Mainz 05. 7 years of relegation and promotion qualifying for Europe once.

    Were after the best manager to fit our system and profile. The next Benitez, Guardiola or Klopp. There’s no quick fix here but there is a fix! You should be excited by finally escaping the failed system we have been victim to over the last 21 years.

    Oh and Rafa is not an option.

  • Akash says:

    rafa is the one who spoil the good players in liverpool and make the two american owner bankrupt.. PLEASE appoint Luis Van Gaal as Director of football & Frank Rijkaard as manager… LIVERPOOL WILL SUCCESS…

    • CostaY says:

      Andre Villas-Boas with an experienced DoF will achieve miracles and turn around the fortunes of our beloved club!

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