Should this star make a return to Anfield or do Liverpool need to look elsewhere?

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Liverpool’s last game was a complete disaster, conceding three points to Wigan Athletic and another home loss. The positives to take from an utter rubbish match were:

a) Luis Suarez got back to scoring ways in the premier league.
b) The introduction of Raheem Sterling seemed to be a vital one, as his skill with the ball seemed to trouble the defense.
c) Stewart Downing seems to be improving game by game, improving Liverpool’s attacking front.
d) The introduction of Andy Carroll seemed to make a change in the second half as Liverpool dominated the first fifteen minutes and kept the ball in the other half of the field.

As I have mentioned before about the importance for Liverpool to invest in new and talented individuals during the summer transfer window, the Reds would need to try and go for individuals who are worth the risk and have been tested for two to three seasons and done well.

While there have been debates whether Liverpool should bid for out of form Chelsea forward, Fernando Torres. The former Reds Hit-man has scored only five goals since £50 million move to Chelsea in January ’11. Regarding the current circumstances Torres may fancy a move back to Anfield, but for a price tag of around £20 million. So the question here would be “ Would Kenny Dalglish take another risk during the transfer window?”

When I first considered it, I immediately said to myself “ Why would we invest in an out of form player, who is ready to jump ship at the sight of money!” as I re-thought about it, it seemed like it was a better option for Liverpool to improve their goal scoring problems.

Torres has also been tried and tested at Anfield, and during his four seasons at Anfield, he was arguably the most feared striker in the premier league and one of the best strikers in the world. Torres also linked-up well with Steven Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt, so an understanding would be there between them. It would also be interesting to see how the partnership with Suarez would result in, since Luis Suarez was brought from Ajax to partner Torres. Maybe a second spell at Anfield could lead to something big. (Like Craig Bellamy)

There has also been a fresh batch of players getting linked with Liverpool for a possible transfer move. Arjen Robben is the newest edition to these players, as Kenny seems to be interested in the Dutch. But a move seems rather unlikely as Liverpool failed to make the Champions League for the third consecutive year. Well getting him would be a real improvement to our wing, but this move would be highly unlikely.
The introduction of Sterling and Shelvey seemed to make its mark at Anfield as Liverpool seemed to be on the front foot. So I would say, it is high time Kenny gives these youngsters more chance to the senior eleven. The impact Sterling made during the Wigan game showed us that he is ready to start in the squad, to improve our wing.

Surely Kenny should get some sense that now is the time to introduce our young and talented lads to the premier league world, before he regrets it later on.

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  • sohfian says:

    Good enough if its 20 million. Cos for now mostly all proven striker will fetch at least 30 million. Even darren bent cost at least 18mil. It will bad move if liverpool were to choose bent instead of torres in term of quality. Darren bent will cost at least 25mil in summer..
    Henderson=20mil, downing=20mil. get the picture?

    • Tanay says:

      Sohfian well said, Any proven striker at the moment would come in that price range but the question to ask is whether Liverpool should or are willing to take the risk of bringing Torres back to Anfield

      • sohfian says:

        Torres will be effective. When he was in LFC, he plays every game. But he is not getting that. He was a target man when he plays in LFC. In Chelsea the style of playing is different. Carrol took over torres role and he fail badly. Carrol ball control is now improving but not his finishing. It would be a great squad when Suarez and Gerrard supply Torres the ball.

  • Akash says:

    yes sign torres, podolski, hazard, javi martinez, marco marin.

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