Time for Ferguson to put his frustration to one side

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Sir Alex Ferguson is no stranger to criticism of the media, so it was unsurprising when he let loose with another tirade against the press after Manchester United‘s Champions League match last week. Fergie has been charged relating to his comments on numerous occasions in the past, and the press are the latest victim of one of his ill-advised rants.

After last week’s Champions League match, Ferguson responded to a perfectly reasonable question from TV interviewer Kelly Cates regarding the competition between United’s goalkeepers David de Gea and Anders Lindegaard, by angrily snapping back that the media just try to stir things up and cause him problems. He then went on to suggest that the media has an agenda against de Gea and wants him to fail.This seems more than a little paranoid-what exactly do the media have to gain from seeing him fail? The comments by the media were more likely to be praising the performance of Lindegaard, rather than trying to unsettle de Gea. There is no media conspiracy against him or United, nor has there ever been, if anything they have been covered in a favourable light over the years.

The media spotlight on de Gea since his introduction to English football has been harsh, but that was always likely to be the case. Having taken over from the veteran Edwin van der Sar, and come with a hefty price tag, Fergie will have known that all eyes would be on de Gea. He has endured a tricky start to his career, making several mistakes, but he has also impressed with a super penalty save against Arsenal, and his fantastic distribution. If anything Ferguson’s rant at the media just serves to increase the pressure on de Gea, and the defensive way he snapped back about it, perhaps suggests that he is slightly worried about his young goalkeeper. In any case, drawing attention to the issue isn’t exactly going to help de Gea’s confidence.

To suggest that the media is desperate for de Gea to fail, is an exagerration and his comments-coming after the Benfica game-were also disrespectful to Anders Lindegaard, who was outstanding in Portugal during the Champions League game. Lindegaard took his chance and stepped up to the plate. He has had to be patient despite not being the first choice goalkeeper at United, and he seemed to grab his opportunity with both hands. Refusing to even discuss the potential, or possibility of Lindegaard staying in the side, seemed disrespectful and could hurt his confidence after such a brilliant performance, which could even lead him to question his role at the club.

Fernando Torres, Arsene Wenger and Andy Carroll are just a few others who have felt the wrath of the media so far this season, highlighting that no player or manager is immune from press criticism. The English press seems to have praised and built up Sir Alex and his side to such a degree, that he now believes he is infallible and above criticism, but that should not be the case.

Lately it seems that Ferguson is always moaning, or whining about something, if it isn’t journalists, it’s referees or tv schedulers, and no one seems immune from his firing line these days. Considering the potentially negative impact that his ill-advised comments could have on both of his goalkeepers, isn’t it about time he stopped his illogical ranting and put his contempt for the media aside?

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  • Imran says:

    Sir ALEX is 1000% correct. 95% of the time they falsify exclusive interviews, the story get stretched so that they can add a few more sentences.What is exactly said and what is printed is way different. The media in England are responsible for the national teams failures as they too often pile pressure on the teams even before they can actually play. TRUTH HURTS

  • Harris says:

    You have to be a bitter scouser to right this biased load of shite. Stick to candle lit vugil you rat munching victim. JFT39

  • Imran says:

    Harris relax bro dont upset yourself

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