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Is Torres Set to Carry Chelsea’s Hopes?


Though Manchester United dominated much of Sunday’s clash with Chelsea, the London based side was plenty into the game partially impart to a Fernando Torres style goal if there ever was one.

Halftime substitute Nicolas Anekla played a wondrous through ball to Torres as Phil Jones was caught ball watching and next thing you know, El Nino is back! ..well almost.

Later in the game, Torres received a similar ball, showed some creativity to get around United keeper David de Gea and then abruptly miss-hit his left footed strike on an empty net.

With the complete opposite of highlight reel material surely to be shown as one of the snafu’s of the game for years to come, Torres may yet again have a dip in his form.

However, we have reason to believe otherwise.

Torres openly stated that he wants a more vertical passing game and that is a big reason for the poor marriage between Torres and the blues.

But, the team has made a conscious effort to change their style of play and has gone out in the summer and purchased players such as Juan Mata and Raul Miereles to (much to the delight of some fans) help convert the team to more of a quick passing style of play.

The process is not going to be an easy one and as was evident by Nani’s goal, some of these new style players just aren’t suited/used to playing the level of defense that we’ve come to be accustomed to from Chelsea.

However, the introduction of these players should boast well for Torres finding open cracks in defenses and finding his preferred style of service.

Chelsea will need these goals to paper over the cracks of their in-season rebuilding and restructuring.

For the time being they’re tied to the production of Fernando Torres and while he has left wanting early in his career in blue, his late form has suggested that he’s on the up, which is good news for Chelsea fans.

Will Torres continue turning it around? Will the now infamous botched goal be too much of a burden on his confidence? Further thoughts?

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