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Why Sir Alex’s Most Recent Comments Concede Defeat To Barcelona For Another Year


He may be one of the most celebrated, decorated and skilful managers of all time but having recently made public his thoughts on bringing a replacement for Paul Scholes to Old Trafford, fresh comments from Sir Alex Ferguson show that for another year Barcelona will dominate European competition.

Ferguson stated publicly that, “At this moment, I can’t see another addition. The type of player we might have been looking for is not available. I am happy with the players I have got at this moment in time.”

After making Manchester United the most successful club in English football history last season it came as no surprise that people were questioning whether the Scot may choose to go out on a high and retire from management in the near future. Having publicly mentioned the possibility of retirement from the game in the past but then dramatically reversing these decisions later on, stating that as long as he was fit and able to carry on, in management, that he would do so, many of his career goals have now been achieved.

However, after a second demolition by Barcelona in the Champions League, a competition, that Ferguson admits, United have not attained as much as they possibly should have, despite appearing in three finals in the last four years, and winning one of these, a new precedent has been laid down, a new goal set. Ferguson will continue to manage United for as long as he can, and in the mean time attempt to not only continue their dominance on home soil, but also to secure a similar record in Europe.

Ferguson’s skill is highlighted in what he gets from his players. The United squad, although having substantial depth in many areas, has been labelled recently as lacking World Class, super star quality in others. With the recent retirements of Scholes, Neville and Van Der Sar, Ferguson has done well to bring in three talented and younger prospects touted as having all the assets required to fill the voids sufficiently. However these players, as well as lacking substantially in experience, currently aren’t world-class quality. They will have to have great first seasons and make dramatic and accelerated steps up for United to be a better team than last season.

Ashley Young could well do this. He seemed to need a break, like his transfer to United, to really excel at the top level. He will not fill the gap left by Paul Scholes, not only because Scholes of the quality and experience that Scholes brought to the team at Old Trafford, but also the fact that Young is an entirely different player. He is fast and slight, more versatile than Scholes but not as good at the key responsibilities left by the Manchester United legend. De Gea has been touted as the best young goalkeeper in the game currently. He has all the attributes to be great, and a youth track record to match, but he may lack experience at crucial times. We will have to wait and see.

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