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Tottenham Hotspur: Fans react as Dele Alli linked with Newcastle United

Image for Tottenham Hotspur: Fans react as Dele Alli linked with Newcastle United

Many Tottenham Hotspur fans have been left rather happy after seeing Dele Alli being linked with a move to Newcastle United. 

Due to the sudden change of ownership at the Tyneside club, the League looks like it’s set to see some new big spenders emerge.

Naturally, this means rumours have already started to appear, linking the Magpies with some players previously considered beyond their reach. Indeed, as reported in Sport, Spurs midfielder Alli is said to be a summer target as Newcastle look to reinvent themselves – other names mentioned included Gareth Bale, Keylor Navas, and Mauro Icardi.

Would Dele Alli be a good signing for Newcastle?





The news was shared by Twitter account The Spurs Web and it soon drew an excited response from many of the club’s supporters.

What did these Spurs fans say?

“Please let this be true.”

“Thank the Lord for this glorious morning!!!”
“I’m on my knees”
“Outstanding news”
“I’ll drive him there now !!!!”
“Sell him to them plz…good deal.”

There’s no denying it, these Tottenham supporters would be more than happy to see Alli leave their club. It’s a strange thought when you consider just how important he once was to the team.

It was only back in 2017 when he looked liked he had the potential to become one of the league’s best players. He even claimed the Footballers’ Association Young Player of the Year award for the second year in a row that season.

1 of 10

How many points did Tottenham gain in the following seasons? First up: 2020/21

As shown by these comments, however, that hype has quickly faded away. Perhaps a move to Newcastle could rekindle his career.

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