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Tottenham Hotspur: Fans flock as Fabio Paratici footage emerges

Image for Tottenham Hotspur: Fans flock as Fabio Paratici footage emerges

Lots of Tottenham Hotspur fans have taken to Twitter to respond to a video to emerge via their club account with Fabio Paratici.

The Italian director of football joined the club back in the early stages of the summer after bringing an end to his time with Juventus.

Are you happy with Paratici so far?





It was a busy summer for the 49-year-old, who oversaw four arrivals and 10 outgoings over the course of the transfer window (via Transfermarkt).

In addition to those transfer deals was youngster, Pape Matar Sarr, who has signed for the Lilywhites, but will not join the squad until next season after remaining at Metz on loan for this season.

Speaking to the Spurs social media channels, Paratici had the following to say: “When I spoke about [the] big picture, it is this, we have the best infrastructure in the world, we have amazing fans, we are in a big city, the best city in Europe, so we have everything to build something really, really big.”

Spurs fans flocked to the tweet from the club’s official account to share their delight at the transparency on show from the club towards the fanbase.

What did these Spurs fans have to say?

“Really decent with Paratici Lots of talking points and positives. This club isn’t going to turn around over night but I definitely think he is a step in the right direction!”

“To be fair to him, Romero, Gil & Royal look like good players. I’ll wait until after next summer to judge him.”
“Refreshing to have words from someone in the club about the future.”
“This is the transparency we love from the club.”
“Absolutely bloke. So glad he joined. My DOF.”
“Love these interviews. He’s a nice guy did his best Gil Romero Royal all are having some impact. It can only get better with Paratici ahead”
“The Don speaks.”

The Lilywhites now find themselves awaiting the return of their players from international duty in the hope they do not suffer another injury headache like they did last month.

Although it is early in Paratici’s career with Spurs, it seems the open interviews for the fans have done him a lot of favours, with these fans clearly impressed by the work he has done so far.

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  • Tony Borg says:

    With one top quality signing and another with potential out of 5 if Paratici carries on with this kind of signings the club will be in all kinds of problems come next season. So in a word, No, I’m not happy with Paratici, having said that, It’s Levy who brought in Paratici to take the heat off of him in the transfer windows. Paratici can’t sign anyone without the OK from Levy, Levy may fool some fans but the die hard fans know who’s to blame. Lewis and Levy OUT !!!

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