Exclusive: Ex-PL striker backs Kane to pick one of two clubs for move

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Former Premier League striker Marcus believes Harry Kane would be better off choosing to move to either Manchester United or Manchester City as opposed to Chelsea this summer.

The Tottenham Hotspur striker has told Spurs that he wants to leave the club this summer, per Sky Sports, leading to links with all three clubs.

It would, of course, be a massive shock if he did decide to move to Chelsea, given the hugely political nature of such a move, and the long-standing rivalry between the two clubs.

Do you think any club would be prepared to pay the money for Kane this summer?





It would also be hugely difficult for Chelsea to convince chairman Daniel Levy to sell the player to them this summer.

And while claims that Chelsea play in a similar style to Kane, he does not think that such a move would be good for his future career prospects, given the permanent instability at the club.

Instead, he has urged him to move to one of the Manchester clubs as he looks to see out his career at his next club.

He told This Is Futbol: “I think Chelsea play the sort of football that he plays. As the top striker in Europe and the country, I think you’d probably want to go for a team like Man City or Man United. Chelsea are inconsistent at the minute, again, people going in and out, will he be there for years?

“If he makes this move, I think this would be the move where he has to be there for a number of years. I don’t think, if he’s going elsewhere, he’s going to be there for two to three years, I think it has to be until the end of his career.

“For me, that’d be Man United or Man City.”

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