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Newcastle United: Fans react to Miguel Delaney’s takeover claim

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A lot of Newcastle United fans have replied to a post from The Independent’s Miguel Delaney after he produced a new piece on the proposed takeover of the Toon.

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To kick things off, who is this man from the 2009/10 season?

The tweet from Delaney claims that the takeover of Newcastle could impact the Premier League and its clubs’ ability to buy players.

In the piece itself, Delaney interviews an unnamed source who claims that this is the biggest decision the Premier League will have to make.

Delaney also states that the takeover should be rejected on moral grounds, and this has drawn the attention of these Toon fans who feel he has no idea what he is talking about.

Are you annoyed by this piece from Delaney?

Yes, he just wants the takeover blocked

Yes, he just wants the takeover blocked

No, I don't care what he thinks

No, I don't care what he thinks

He then claims that approving this takeover could threaten the relationships that the Premier League have with rights holders and non-rights holders because of the links between the Saudi government and BeoutQ – as proved by a report from the World Trade Organisation.

Still, many Toon fans feel this piece is unbalanced and does not mention several key things.

Annoyingly for many Toon fans, Delaney believes that these issues will leave the takeover unresolved for some time.

Newcastle’s ongoing takeover deal has been with the Premier League for a while now after a deposit was paid to Mike Ashley.

However, this happened in April, and here we are in June, and still, nothing has been decided.

Richard Masters confirmed that there was no timescale for this decision, but that is leaving the Toon in limbo.

The club still have season ticket money and have provided no response on refunds, and they also still have staff furloughed.

As Delaney points out, the piracy issue is complicated, but the Premier League should consider who they are impacting with this long-running saga.

Hopefully, there will be a conclusion to this soon, but if Delaney is to be believed, then that is unlikely.

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