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Newcastle United: Fans react to new takeover opinion

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A lot of Newcastle United fans have replied to a tweet from @RedRoseMichelle as she offered up her opinion on Giles Watling’s request to scrutinise the proposed takeover of the Toon by Amanda Staveley’s Saudi-backed consortium, as per The Times.

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To kick things off, which season is this kit from?

She claimed that ‘select committees do not tell governments (or the PL) what to do or what their policy should be’.

She then also claimed that Watling was getting a bit ‘clickbaity’, which tickled a few Toon fans.

@RedRoseMichelle’s tweet went down well with many Toon fans, who felt reassured by her words.

Has this calmed you down?

Yes, wise words

Yes, wise words

No, how does she know?

No, how does she know?

What do we think?

@RedRoseMichelle is a Newcastle fan as well as a solicitor – and a quick look through her timeline will show that she has been providing useful information to many Toon fans on the proposed takeover for a few weeks now – so she seems to be a trusted source amongst the fans.

A report in the Daily Telegraph was also released on the same day that she tweeted, which has claimed that the other members of Watling’s committee are going to reject his proposal, anyway.

However, it was the tweet from @RedRoseMichelle that helped these Toon fans find the reassurance craved.

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