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Newcastle United: Fans react to Luke Edwards’ tweet

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A lot of Newcastle United fans have replied to a tweet from Luke Edwards that includes a link to a post from The Chronicle, which includes a live blog with quotes from football finance expert Kieran Maguire.

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To kick things off, which season is this kit from?

Maguire claims that he doesn’t think there is anything to concern Newcastle fans with the proposed takeover – except for any links with piracy.

There was fresh evidence submitted to the Premier League earlier this week that was supposedly to do with Saudi Arabia’s links to football piracy.

This could be a problem because the Saudis are backing Amanda Staveley’s takeover of the Toon.

Therefore, Edwards believes that there are reasons to be worried and that everyone is worried except the buyers – but that is because they are still waiting.

However, this tweet has not gone down well with these Toon fans, who appear to be sick of the negativity surrounding the proposed takeover.

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What do we think?

A decision on the takeover from the Premier League was expected this week, but due to the submission of new evidence, this could now be delayed.

Either way, though, it appears that this post from Edwards has not helped anyone, and many Toon fans have let him know what they think of this post.

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