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West Ham United: David Gold slams Roy Keane in defence of Declan Rice


West Ham United’s Co-Chairman David Gold has slammed Roy Keane for his recent comments regarding Declan Rice. Roy Keane labelled him as sloppy in possession, inconsistent and claimed the midfielder has a problem with his positional play.

However, Gold believes the Irishman’s harsh criticism of Rice is fuelled by his disappointment following the 20-year-old’s decision to represent England rather than the Republic of Ireland.

Speaking exclusively to Claret and Hugh, Gold said: “Keane needs to get over it. Declan made his choice and I think that is what’s behind it as far as Keane is concerned.

“It’s pretty shameful when a former professional talks the way he did about a young man. It was low, outrageous unfair and arrogant to pick him out of all the England players.

“This isn’t the first time he’s done it. In a previous game he said he should be sitting in the studio with the pundits rather than being on the pitch. Shocking! Declan has chosen to play for England and Roy Keane needs to get over that.”

TIF Tactics – An attack loaded with intent and malice

Rice has received criticism from some of the West Ham faithful in recent months, as his dip in performances has coincided with the teams poor run of form. However, the attack launched by Keane had a far more personal and malicious feel to it.

Keane has made a name for himself as a tough-talking TV pundit but it’s fair to say as an ex-player, there must be a certain level of respect displayed at all times. Perhaps it’s Keane’s complete lack of a filter that has gone down so well with the producers but his latest comments have certainly not gone down well in the east-end of London.

Gold has backed his man publicly but it’s unlikely to deter Keane from firing any further criticism in the midfielder’s direction. Rice’s controversial decision to request his international registration be changed to English cooked up a storm at the time and, despite the hope it may have passed over, it appears Keane hasn’t forgotten.

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