Why Arsenal fans SHOULD get excited about this £6m talent:


Arsenal fans are an impatient lot. After years of failure, there’s now a substantial hunger for immediate success. As a result, they aren’t going to like to see their club get linked to yet another teenager. Being Arsenal fans, however, they must have realised by now, that this is the way of the world.

The player in question is Matthias Ginter, a 19-year-old defender/midfieder. Arsene Wenger is thought to be a long-term admirer of the Bundesliga boy and now The Metro claim a deal could be hashed out this summer.

If he moves to the Emirates this summer, he would join Yaya Sanogo, a 20-year-old French striker.

On the face of it, these aren’t the most exciting signings Arsenal could make. At the very best, they are deals that have been signed with the player’s futures in mind. Still, Sanogo and Ginter have a lot of potential and could develop into world-class talents over the course of their Arsenal contracts.

The Gunners are just getting in at the bottom floor, which is typical of the way that Wenger works the transfer market.

But, I understand the frustration of Arsenal fans who are looking for a little bit more. After last years failings, most fans want to see big name signings. They want to see Gonzalo Higuain, Marouane Fellaini and Wayne Rooney waltz through the Emirate’s doors and have little interest in the likes of Ginter and Sanogo.

But even these young stars are worth getting exciting about. Arsene Wenger knows young talent better than just about anybody else.

Ginter is physically imposing (he’s 6 ft 2 in), strong and quick along the ground. He can hold the ball up, pick a pass and he’s also confident enough to skip forward and get into goal-scoring situations.

His arrival in North London would be exciting, because it would demonstrate Wenger’s change in focus. It would show that he’s now buying bigger, stronger, tougher recruits who are further along their development paths than previous acquisitions.

Ginter helped Freiburg to a fifth place finish in the Bundesliga last season. He’s also attracted the attention of Borussia Dortmund and earned a £6m price-tag. If Arsenal don’t make their move, it wouldn’t surprise me if other clubs started circling around the 19-year-old.

Now is the right time to strike. It may not quite be the signing that Arsenal fans are holding out for, but it’s still worth getting excited about.

What’s your take? Should Arsenal be spending energy signing another wonder-kid, or does the club have bigger fish to fry? 

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  • victor says:

    you are not serious

  • Paul says:

    It is worth to have such a buy that has seen the team propel to the fifth position. This is a team which almost made it to the CL slot. He can give us options to select just as Wishere stated we need a squad large enough to compete. We need big names like Higuain (£23m), Fellaini (£20m), Julio ceaser (£2m), Ashily Williams (£8.5m) plus this Ginter (£6m). All these are quality players at just £59.5 quite below the £70 m transfer kit given to AW. Besides he can even sell some players to reduce the cost for all the deals mentioned. It is high time AW stop his tricks of keeping Arsenal funs with hope and later buy average players at the last minute as if he is not aware of the start and end of the transfer window.

    • Josh says:

      I entirely agree with you, very well said, and if I’m honest, with the arsena in and coq and a lot of players leaving, we could fork an extra 10 mil and buy Rooney aswell, it would be a a great 80mil spent on a while new core, keeper (Cesar) Centre Back (Williams) centre mid (Fellaini) and two world class strikers (Rooney, Higuain)

      • Mikey says:

        We need the finished article we have enough good kids coming through Gernaby those two Barcelona kids ensfield and few British strikers plus rayo and Joel Campbell . We need holding midfield player falleni or Capone from France higuian from Real Madrid a goalie and a top defender and trophy’s can we won by the good grace of God. We have the money time to start spending it..!

    • mick says:

      ‘and later buy average players at the last minute ‘
      What you mean average players like Podolski (over 100 caps for Germany), Mertesacker (80 caps for Germany), Cazorla (Spanish international), Monreal (Spanish international), Giroud (French international and leading scorer French league), and of course Arteta. Ashley Williams a big name player? And none of these apart from Mertesacker were bought at the last minute.

    • joy says:

      @nice write up.

  • ggg says:

    You are a fucking pr*ck! U com up wit shit n make it sound real? How useless u are

  • joy says:

    @Paul nice write up.

  • Johnson says:

    i think if we get Higuain, fellani, Nani and Cesar, Ginter and Sanogo can take their time to Grow in and around the team not putting pressure on them too much as it is been done to wilshere, walcoot, chamberlain, Cesc and Ramsey….. woo with gibbs also.

  • Tonia Reeves says:

    Here we go again!! What happen to the L70 m transfer kit that the Board told the fans it had for AW to get quality players for the coming season? Players like Higuan, Fellaini, Julio Ceaser and Ashily Williams are players that the team needs to assist us win trophies next season we are tired with the 4th place position!!!

  • mr mad says:

    We r not going to get any players off caliber cause he wont pay the wages , we will end up with everyone else’s cast offs ( nani ,barry ) the one signing the club should do is david dein and they will come while the twats what run the club at the mo no one will come

  • Mosera says:

    God bless Paul.Said it all.
    Arsene Wenger is very very sick we need Guadiola to take on Arsenal.
    Arsene Wenger is cunning and a bad manager.This is what people don’t know about it,he loves money not the trophy and he’s not ashamed of is trophyless.what shame.
    All the same gunners for life.

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