Is this Liverpool’s main area of concern?

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Four games into the premier league, Liverpool have earned only 2 points. Well, anybody would say ‘ Liverpool are struggling’ and they are. They were poor against West Brom, excellent against Man City (except the big Skrtel error) poor against Arsenal (pointing fingers at Pepe Reina) and average against Sunderland yesterday. I am not going to blame manager Brendan Rodgers, because I think with time he will transform Liverpool.

Liverpool’s area of worry has to be the offensive front as well as our very own keeper. On the offense, we only have Luis Suarez and Fabio Borini among the senior side. Having said that, new signing Yesil and youngsters A.Morgan, D.Pacheco, M.Ngoo, could and should be considered and used until the January transfer window. Reina has to improve by January or else he should be replaced and shipped out. Gerrard is also looking very rusty, and should be subbed in each game for either Jonjo Shelvey or Nuri Sahin.

Suso and Assaidi must be included in the bench, and should be preferred to Downing and Henderson. At the moment we are just about above the relegation zone, a sight which is very unpleasant, but very believable considering the situation at hand. Things are looking pretty bad and it’s up to Rodgers to steady the ship whilst ensuring he’s putting out a strong team each and every week.

Here would be my ideal starting line-up against Manchester United: Reina, Johnson, Skrtel Agger Enrique, Allen Gerrard, Suarez Sahin Sterling and Borini. Bench: Jones, Coates, Assaidi, Shelvey, Suso, Downing, Kelly.

We (the Reds) need to bounce back against Man Utd, it would be a perfect first win for us and it would help us build confidence for the rest of the season. The ‘League position’ must be prioritized over the cup fixtures. We cannot have a repeat of last season where (with all due respect) we end up playing only the Europa League rather than the Champions League.

Do you agree with my line-up? Are Liverpool ready to overcome their difficulties against Manchester United?  Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments box.

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  • Dean jones says:

    Lets get this straight,Foolglish bought Shambolic players with comoli,now none will be at Anfield next season ? Which is dead right,Yet Borini isn’t worth £2 million let alone over £10 million ;-( I’d get yesil & assaidi in are side now,Jesus they can’t be worse than Borini or Gerrard ? Gerrard in my opinion needs to be dropped,he just gives the ball away and it’s costing us bigtime ? Borini isn’t an out and out striker ? But neither is Suarez,here lies are problem ? Foolglish was an idiot,it seems to me Rodgers will be gone by the summer also ???

  • I agree with most of your team, but I personally wouldn`t have Downing on the bench, I think Pacheco, or even Yesil, instead of him, hes useless Imo.

  • Bradster says:

    Surely Rodgers style needs Borini central and Suarez left forward that dribbles, cuts in and finishes any knock backs?
    Really thought Aquilani or Cole would be forward right. Gerrard creator with Sahin box to box and Allen as the holding mid. Or both being something like pivots bringing the ball from defence, threading through to Gerrard and covering the defence.
    Reina has also been having a stinker, thought that Rogers was in for a keeper in the Summer.

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