Which of these transfer targets should Liverpool snap up?

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Liverpool have started their new premier league campaign under Brendan Rodgers very poorly, they lost to West Bromwich Albion with a 3-0 thumping. It was a day where our defense was sloppy, decisions went against us, our attack failed to threaten and most players did not step up. Seems a bit like déjà-vu? My thoughts exactly, only this time we have plenty of time to correct ourselves and look forward to a better season.

Now we look towards Manchester City who we host this Sunday at Anfield. One of the toughest fixtures of the season indeed for us, and we must play bravely and smartly.

My squad for the Man City game:

Gerrard for me has to be on the bench and brought on later on, He tends to become slower if he plays the full game but cannot be left out because he will be influential. Carroll must start, with Borini behind him and Suarez and new boy Assaidi on the wings. Lucas and Allen our defensive midfielders linked up well during the West Brom game and obviously deserve to be preferred to Spearing or Adam. Enrique should return to the starting lineup and Coates should be the man as Agger’s replacement.

This indeed will be a very difficult fixture for Brendan Rodgers but he will hope Liverpool continue to show that they tend to perform well against the ‘Big teams’.

On the transfer news:

Liverpool will look to bid for Clint Dempsey by selling Spearing and Adam to fund this move. This is a move which should have happened weeks ago, a move though will really help Liverpool with the goal scoring department. (Source: Daily Mail)

Although a move could be hampered after Fulham filed a complaint against Liverpool over the Dempsey saga. (Source: Washington Post)

Brendan Rodgers has said Nuri Sahin is very close to signing with Liverpool from Real Madrid on a season long loan after an Arsenal deal fell through. This will be a big boost for the club, although it is a temporary solution, his contribution to this season’s ambitions would be vital.(Editor: the loan deal has been confirmed. Source: Yahoo).

And finally Liverpool look to bid for Gaston Ramirez after his surprise move to Southampton fell through, Liverpool looked favorites when Ramirez rejected a move to Tottenham. This move I was very sure of due to our Uruguayan link, but this saga looks to continue to take its twists and turns. (Source: The Echo)

What’s your take? Can Liverpool take down Manchester City? And which transfer targets should they snap up?

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  • tony says:

    we did sign nuri sahin we need pay big dollars for a striker world class not dempsey. owners have to pull finger out

  • El says:

    Hector herreira

  • ShaRed says:

    We play 4-3-3, Gerrard is still world class, Carroll IS NOT in our plans.

    4 managers in 2 years and you’ve got no chance of being the 5th. We are in the midst of the biggest changes to playing staff and style for the last 15 years and you spout this tripe! I’ll never get these minutes back! Utter rubbish.

  • Bill says:

    We will not go after Dempsey. The only ones that keep flogging this particular dead donkey are the Daily Mail, god knows why, cos sure as hell nobody else does unless they are on a bonus from Fulham if they bring it about. But to put it bluntly the white T shirt in the above ad says it all, it’s (BOLLOCKS!).

  • RedRoy says:

    Must play four in midfield or get beat. For me a CD midfielder and a class striker please. Can see us stuck at the bottom for weeks. What happened to “we’ll put LFC back where they belong” Should have appointed a top manager for starters, ‘cos they’re the ones to bring in top players, if FSG are willing to, that is.

  • yuvank says:

    Need an effective n world class striker one who can score with half chances else LFc will finish below sixth among z above players sahin here, so gaston instead of demdsey

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