Rangers Decline Shows Just How Broken Scottish Football Is:


It’s a desperate move, and one that fans of many clubs will be less than enthused by, including Rangers fans.  A growing number of Rangers fans believe that the club should start again in Division 3, and work their way back up the leagues before returning to the SPL, and that IS exactly what should happen.  Rangers have gone into liquidation and although their history will be intact, they are effectively starting from scratch, so why should they be given preferential treatment?

Rangers and Celtic have dominated Scottish football for years, not just on the pitch, but off it too.  Their spending power has made it easy for one team or the other to win the league title each season, and they will regularly buy the best players from other SPL clubs (although not necessarily cheaply) without always giving them the opportunity to play every week.  The SPL currently has an 11-1 system for votes, which favours the Old Firm clubs, and it has been used in the past to block moves that could benefit the rest of the SPL while hindering Rangers and Celtic, and of course, both of these clubs get the bulk of TV money too.

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While the Old Firm monopoly has hurt Scottish football badly, it’s hard to see how things will change without Rangers in the SPL.  Celtic will certainly be under less pressure to spend big money as there is unlikely to be much competition for the SPL title, and they will still have more spending power than any other club in the league. The race for 2nd place may be more competitive than ever, but from next season (2013-14) only one Scottish club will qualify for the Champions League, so the best of the rest will find themselves in the Europa League and will probably start playing competitive matches in late July.

The reality is that whatever happens to Rangers and whatever changes their fate brings are too little, too late.  A winter break will be re-introduced this season in the SPL, but it should have been in place for years, and a switch to summer football should have been considered too.  With or without Rangers in the top tier, the standard of Scottish football is not going to get any better.  The people in charge of running the game are out of touch and lacking in vision.  Scottish football is broken, perhaps forever.

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