Will Eden Hazard meet the expectations of the Premier League?


The noise surrounding Belgian player, Eden Hazard, has recently grasped the attention of the football world. In the wake of the yearly transfer madness, the young Hazard rated at £ 32 million, has finally decided to end the suspense surrounding his destination by declaring his faith in Chelsea. The blue outfit’s recent achievement has undoubtedly been an influential factor to Hazard who for long has been seemingly undecided over the two Manchester clubs and even Arsenal in February.

The 21 years old midfielder is undoubtedly a big name for big scenes but so were Shevchenko, Arshavin & Robben upon joining the Premier League before coming to terms with the rigours of England’s top division. The question here is, will Eden Hazard meet all the expectation?

Hazard does not seem to be the type lacking in confidence. His recent Twitter page shows just how the young player rates himself. Yet, the presence of footballing heroes has never been anything of a phenomenon in the Premier League as many players with huge popularity and fans ply their trade here, namely, Aguero, Dzeko, Balotelli & Torres to name a few. The previously mentioned players are proven Premier League athletes unlike the young Hazard and maybe that’s why the recent noise generated by everything surrounding Hazard’s transfer seemed excessive for someone who still has so much to learn and prove.

Another promising young star with the “chosen one’s medallion” (How many have we seen?), gave me more than enough to have a closer look at one of Europe’s hottest talents with only himself to blame for the shoes he now has to fill. Publicly toying with the two Manchester clubs as if their fate relied on his signature, to then sign with Chelsea must have played with the feelings of many football fans. Good luck Eden!

Until he finds a house in London and hits town with John Terry & Lukaku, May nears its end with the IRB Junior World Championship starting very soon and the Euros not too far ahead. The sporting agenda is packed and the promise of some of the finest athletic displays from Europe’s elite is now something to eagerly look forward to. The FA making Roy their man who in turn chose Steevie for captain made sure to keep sport writers busy, the coffee flowing and the critics moaning. However, the constant pop of “Eden Hazard” over the sports sections made the latter seem like the “Messiah of Modern Football”, giving me a reason to bring to you some facts about the soon to be Stamford Bridge regular.

Aguero, a proven master of the ball did not make all that noise but Mr. Hazard found it normal to adopt a more “flamboyant” approach. The Belgian, announcing his decision in such loud fashion seemed disrespectful to most of the clubs that showed an interest in his services. While speaking to Manchester Evening News, Patrice Evra said, “I’m not his father but, if he comes to Manchester, I assure him that he will win titles.”

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  • onyeabor says:

    Ya he made a lot of noise it is not nice, some clubs that he rejected will not be happy with, finally it seems that he don’t have adviser. Lesson to other players, even his brother said he choose tottenham over arsenal veltogon, they be advised on what to say.

  • Dylan says:

    Everyone said that Gervinho was as good as Hazard when they played together for Lille. I would suggest that it will take at least a season before Hazard adapts to the EPL. During which time every Chelski player will be whining about what a waste of money he was

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