Are these Liverpool’s main areas of concern during the summer transfer window?

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Now that FSG have appointed Brendan Rodgers as the new manager of Liverpool, they would now need to look into the possible busy transfer window which would see many Liverpool players depart from the club or new players join the club from other teams across the world.

Rodgers brings in a different philosophy which may benefit the club and players or may just be similar to the style that Dalglish or Hodgson brought played. Liverpool needs consistent tactics that is suitable to the Reds line-up. Dalglish was not consistent with his tactics and often played the likes of Henderson in the wrong position. His substitutions were never spot on and his starting 11 always looked unbalanced, leaving the likes of Rodriguez and Kuyt on the bench.

But the worst tactical judgment Dalglish had was that he never gave some of the promising young players like Shelvey, Coates and Sterling a chance to settle in. Shelvey and Sterling were given only a cameo appearance and even after they showed their dedication they were left out of most games. The move of playing Carragher over Coates is just baffling! Coates is a player who should be picked over Carragher, as he hasedge over the veteran and should always be the first choice if Agger or Skrtel were to pick up knocks.

FSG seem to be giving Rodgers a budget between £30m-£35m, which looks very minute compared to Dalglish’s big spending tactics (over £100m), on players who haven’t justified their value, something I wouldn’t want to go into at the moment.


Area Rodgers will need to strengthen:

Goalkeeper: Pepe Reina has been having the worst form during his Anfield career and needs a time-out, so his understudy Doni should be given the go ahead for a few games so that Reina works well with competition. Jones should be sent out on loan so that he gets more game time and incase of an emergency he can be called back.

Defense: I wouldn’t think Liverpool need much building up here, Agger & Skrtel have been in superb form, but incase Skrtel does move on from Liverpool a possible centre back would be needed or Coates could be the replacement. Enrique’s form has dipped, so he needs more competition from Flanagan or Robinson. Johnson has done well, but incase of an injury his understudy Kelly is a very good replacement.

Midfield: This area needs maximum work, creative midfielder needed (possible targets: Ibrahim Afellay, Gylfi Sigurdsson), Winger (My thoughts are Sterling needs the green light) Craig Bellamy cannot be played full 90mintues but his experience, pace and finishing are aspects Liverpool need to improve their position in front of goal. Gerrard cannot play 90 minutes on and on, and needs some one of his kind of play to replace him in the future (Shelvey and Suso from the academy should be trained for that and possible move could be Gaston Ramirez, he is creative in the midfield and he can fill the Xabi Alonso boots), The return of Lucas! The one change I was waiting for, Spearing is good but he is not Liverpool material so a possible move out is in the cards. (Keita will be a nice addition he has the experience and can help Lucas ease into the premier league.)
Forwards: Luis Suarez needs a clinical finisher as his strike partner, Carroll needs competition but he deserves time on the field, after his recent performances (Luuk De Jong, Cavani, Dzeko or Higuain need to be bought in, although the move for Higuain or Cavani seems unlikely.)

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  • Angry_Man says:

    Drop Reina? Seriously? For Doni? I stopped reading after that and have scrolled right to the bottom to administer a verbal slap in the face! Complete Tosh!

    Ill fill in the rest myself without bothering to read to the end. did it read a bit like this- defence is ok, midfield is pap, and we need a striker?

  • steve mcauley says:

    “keita can help lucas ease into the premier league” ????? what are ya talkin about?

  • Michael says:

    Damn boys love to see you write summit in the writers language..

  • M. says:

    Becoming a football analyst is becoming too easy.

  • iggy says:

    left back a defo need, enrique hopeless, carra time to hang up boots,need another experienced centre back, sell adams far too slow, hendo young needs time, need another dmf to cover lucas, spearing to go, adam johnson would be good buy, shelvey, stirling,coates need more game time. clinical finisher desperately needed. another playmaker to help gerrard would be good, all this dependant on finances.

  • TheEffect says:

    We nid Dzeko for real.He is top notch and nt playing much in Man City

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