Will Chelsea release the Drog?


Nowadays, we are born with equal rights but different wallets and different levels of dexterity. Really, nature never makes us identical. We mostly differ in psychological nature and anatomic proportionality. Nature always has its favourites and that is a fact supported by the presence of football artists such as Cantona (Definitely “l’artiste”… ask the seagulls!), Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Zidane to name a few. “They” are the difference between “great” players and “legends” of the beautiful game, a difference that unfortunately for others is unattainable by hard work only. Since the dawn of Mankind, the gifts and curses of nature have shaped our civilization along with its evolutionary pattern. Ageing rate also differs from one to the other and that does not always just reflect by a players face or bald patch, but deeper within. Healing faculty also differs and that is the cherry on top of the cake for me, meaning a player’s athleticism must also drop at different rates and that simply seems logical.

In Italy, experience is relied upon more than in England where fickle fans, critics and media pressurize for changes about re-structuring and recruiting; meaning spending. The Serie A always seems to have a place to fit the veterans of the game. Maldini springs to mind or more recently, Del Piero. The latter currently plies his trade with Juventus and his recent goal of the week (by completed an undefeated run for his team, winning the league in style, at the age of 37. The expertise and dexterity in using the tactical experience of mature players with optimum effect is unfortunately an art only mastered by very few managers. We could only name a few here… Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, David Moyes? The Scottish tactician has been at the realms for 25 years, over which he has repeatedly shown how the perfectly engineered mix of generations, ethnicity and nationalities done properly leads to conducting one of the greatest orchestras of the sporting world. Ryan Giggs, one name and nothing else to say except maybe Louis Saha? Saha was given a second chance when David Moyes took him to Goodison Park and delivered in style to finally find himself with Harry Redknapp. His contribution when relied upon turned out to be vital for Spurs.

To think Drogba is not “caviar” class anymore would be hugely ignorant in my honest opinion. It might be fair to give the former Marseille man at least two more years of solid attacking football and even more if he stays clear of injuries. As earlier mentioned, many factors need consideration before writing off a player past his thirties nowadays. I will never end this debate if I keep on the topic. Fighting spirit makes us humans the most competitive, challenging and unpredictable breed on Earth. Sometimes there is no better motivation than telling a man what he cannot do to have him doing it. To conclude here I really do not think Chelsea should “let the Drog out”, and if they do, they should fear being bitten by their own predator in the future.

With more than 200 goals to the football world, signed Didier Drogba; the 2-time African footballer of the year’s story still has a few chapters left to finish in style. A player with pride and determination, it won’t be surprising if he moves and keeps stealing football fans heart in spectacular fashion, given he ends up in the right hands at the right club. It is the “Drog” we are discussing here… player muscling, free kick taking, power-shooting and crowd-loving gladiator in Blue… you must have a clue!?

Until then, I’m hoping the European cup ends up in London rather than Munich. So I never… mmmm… thought I’d say that but, “Go and get that cup for London you Blues!”

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