LIverpool’s lament: have FSG made a grave mistake?

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FSG have now come under heavy criticism from fans after the owners sacked Kenny Dalglish from the managerial role due to Liverpool’s poor league form. Fans put up angry blogs on how Kenny was not given enough time at the club to justify his signings or to improve his tactics and squads.

The sacking however came after the owners said they were “fully behind Dalglish” and that his “job was safe”. Liverpool are now manger –less and without a director of football (as Damien Comolli was asked to move out a month ago), going into the transfer window could be a very bad sign.

FSG need to employ someone who has the experience of playing at Champions league level and have the ability to both bring in world class players and the ability to win titles. So binging in Martinez would be an absolute stupid decision at the moment! Martinez should be given the credit that he did help Wigan beat relegation twice but, he is not the type of manager Liverpool need. If Martinez would sign with Liverpool, the whole sacking of Dalglish would be pointless, as I feel Dalglish would have done much better than Martinez.

Liverpool are in the dire need to a manager like Pep or Frank Rijkaard who have experience with big clubs or even AVB wouldn’t be a bad bet as he does have similar policies like the owners of bringing in and developing young talent. Some rumors have also featured Capello and Benitez, for me Capello maybe an idea but Benitez is a huge gamble.

FSG really need to think hard before signing a manager, for most Liverpool fans, Pep is the way to go, but that looks highly unlikely so Rijkaard, AVB, Jurgen Klopp( Borussia Dortmund) are the kind of managers LFC need.

Now is the time the American owners live up to expectations and sign a quality manager who hopefully can bring out the best of the Reds, sign some quality players and improve the sorry state of affairs at Anfield.
Who would you like to see FSG bring in as a replacement for King Kenny?

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  • Tim Griffiths says:

    I don’t see what the problem is with Martinez, he’s a good manager. He got Swansea promoted to the Championship and established a culture of attractive football, which Rodgers built on. Then he did the same thing with Wigan. Who had heard of Rafa when he was given his chance at Valencia and who had heard of Wenger when he was given his chance at Arsenal

  • Michael says:

    True if Liverpool bring in Martinez god help FSG when he’s doing a Hodgson. Think out of the younger lot only AVB should be given a shot. Other than that top draw top experience manager. Anyone who thinks where rubbish. Beat Chelsea Three times Everton Three times, United/City in the cup. Jog on. They say our days are numbered.

  • Voland says:

    Aside from Mourinho, the only one who would not be a “huge gamble” is surely Benitez. Even Capello, for all his experience and successful track record, is likely to have problems due to language – let alone the fact that he is approaching the sunset of his long career.

  • William says:

    Before commenting I would like to thank Kenny for his work. I feel like a fourteen year old having been dumped by some girl. Having grown up with Kenny and shared the 1980s with him I really feel FSG should and could have dealt with Kenny completely differently by ‘promoting’ him internally at the club.

    The thing is that Kenny has been removed and we must look forward and it feels as if we are at a critical junction and we cannot get it wrong. I think Deschamps, Mourinho, Pep or Capello could be the right person, but this is a 10 year project and I think the new gaffer has to be part of defining a Liverpool way which combines our great history with current trends to build a great future.

    Thanks Benitez for what you have done for us and your love and passion for Liverpool but I think we need someone else.

  • Chunky says:

    Why is Benitez a “huge gamble”? The fact of his illustrious CV puts him out in front as most others you mention are NOT likely to be interested at this moment.Benitez is tailored for the post and will cost nothing to put in place thus leaving a larger buying amount.

    • Soon from Mauritius says:

      Hi Chunky,
      I totally agree with you. I don’t see why Rafa Benitez is a huge gamble. He’s been a terrific manager. He helped us get to 2 Champion League Finals and one Carling Cup final and One FA cup final. He brought some unknown low priced players which eventually became huge success players and were sold on mostly at high profit. The likes of Alonso,Arbeloa(Real Madrid now),Mascherano(Barca),Reina,Agger,Skrtel,Garcia,Torres. As any managers he made mistakes of buying Aquilani but he was not well advised regarding his injury recovery. All in all Benitez is the real deal and would certainly bring success back to LFC. He made us beat top teams in Europe including Real Madrid,Barca,Juventus,Roma,etc…Rafa probably one of the best managers in the world.

    • Tanay Nambiar says:

      Hi Chunky,
      The reason I tagged Benitez a ‘huge gamble’, is because of his last two seasons(at inter and Liverpool). His tactics are good but have now become predictable to the oppositions. I have immense respect for what he did for us during his tenure. Another reason I think he is a gamble, is because he tends to have lots issues with players which leads to them spending their time on the bench or leaving the club. I tagged him as a gamble, but did not say a good one or a bad one…Only time will tell now.

  • Jack says:

    The only grave mistake made by the owners of Liverpool thus far was to appoint Kenny Dalglish as manager. Only an out-dated, out-of-sync and clueless manager would sign a donkey (Carroll) and some mules (Henderson, Adam & Downing) and consider them to be world-class.

  • Peter of Perth West Aust says:

    Where is the special one?

  • paul.philosophy says:

    The owners have shown truth and honesty, they have been tested and they do have balls!
    No, this was not a mistake unless you want to throw away the new sponsers who are paying us good money, for this 8th joint with Fulham and 17 points of 4th is not good enough! If you want to stay stuck in the past with the old liverpool way fine but get familar with 8th. I’ve watched LFC for over 40 years and Kenny is a legend as a player but his time is over and we need newness about the place, a new vibrant buzz. If Kenny had got us to say 5th or even 6th and a handful of points of 4th things may have been different…

    I feel more confident with the new owners as they have set our foundations on a business footing (don’t be fooled to think money isn’t a big part of football, its a big part of everything…)

    Now we need a new fresh manager, ready to take us back to CL football. I’m a little worried about the names mentioned, youth is OK but we need someone who has won silverware, so of the young bunch, AVB seems the best option, not sure about a return for Rafa, look what a return for kenny has provided, not sure if going back is the right path forward 🙂 … but if they pick Rafa then I’d hope he would get us back into CL football.

    Whatever happens,, the present players need to be on watch, another season like this and they will be gone, I’m tired of under-performing well paid glamour boys and I expect the owners are, step up guys or move on, you have let down the people who pay your wages, the fans!!!

    We have a 4th place to aim for, domestic cups and european silverware to chase next season, so lets get on with our job as supporters and drive our team onto greatness …


    • Tanay Nambiar says:

      Hi Paul,
      I really have to agree with you.
      I have faith in the owners but I am a little worried they may pick out a manager who isn’t the right fit at Anfield. This wrong decision could be the end of Liverpool, as important players may move out, making it harder for us to qualify for the CL.

  • Akash says:

    Roberto Martinez
    Rafa Benitez
    Brendan Rodgers
    Fabio Capello
    Andre Villas-Boas
    Pep Guardiola
    Didier Deschamps
    Jurgen Klopp
    Michael Laudrup

    FRANK RIJKAARD as Manager and LUIS VAN GAAL as Director Of Football.

    If liverpool appoint middle class manager, only middle class player will join liverpool.

    BUT if liverpool appoint SUPERP manager, sure all the SUPERP and fantastic players will join liverpool.

    Before this, liverpool already try managers from:
    FRANCE (Gerard Houllier).
    SPAIN: (Rafa Benitez).
    ENGLANG: (Roy Hodgson).
    SCOTLAND: Kenny Dalglish.

    So now go for Holland Management… because Holland always got talen, that is Frank Rijkaard who bring Barcelona to the Top & also Luis Van Gaal that win 2 La Liga title in 3 season with Barcelona.

    Both also like to play Attacking Game. So i hope liverpool will appoint FRANK RIJKAARD as Manager and LUIS VAN GAAL as Director Of Football.

    And Give Them Money To SIGN:
    Higuain (Striker)
    Ibrahim Affaley (Right Winger)
    Eden Hazard (Playmaker)
    Kagawa (Left Winger)
    Lucas Biglia (Defensive Midfielder)

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