Do Liverpool need a ‘world-class’ manager to tempt the big signings?


During the span of June-August, all eyes are going to be upon the world of football as managers and agents make different trips around the globe to either secure deals or bargain for the services of different football stars.

Liverpool on the other hand has a very important transfer season; where they would need to bring in the right manager who can attract the services of young promising or experienced stars. A mistake here by the owners could cost Liverpool the chance to qualify once again for the prestigious Champions league and which could lead to the departure of quality players in the line-up (INCLUDES: Luis Suarez, Daniel Agger, Martin Skrtel and Glen Johnson).

It is very critical that FSG get this decision right, as pointed out by former Reds midfielder Didi Hamann: “It’s a worrying time for Liverpool – the most important summer for them. If they don’t make the right decisions, we may not see Champions League football at Anfield for the next five or 10 years, which is a very likely scenario at the moment.”

As I write this Brendan Rodgers has established himself as the forerunner for the Liverpool managerial positon. As of yet, however nothing’s official and there’s still a good chance that the Reds will look elsewhere.

Here are the front runners who are on FSG’s shortlist to succeed Kenny Dalglish:

1. Roberto Martinez: He has been linked with the position for quite some time, but I do have my doubts whether he fits the bill and whether he can get us back into contention for the Champions league spot.

Likely move: He is most likely to move to Villa Park.

2. Brendan Rogers: Although he did reject the first interview opportunity, he is back in the running for the managerial post. This is one exciting manager I wouldn’t mind at Anfield. The way he has managed Swansea is amazing! If he can create some good results with that squad, you can only imagine what he could with funds and some quality players.

Likely move: A move to Anfield is very likely and could be finalized by Friday.

3. Pep Guardiola: Who wouldn’t want Pep to manage their teams! He is planning to take a year off from football, but latest rumors say that Suarez’s agent the brother of Pep may be the key to bringing him to Liverpool and Guardiola may just want to take up the Anfield challenge.

Likely move: I guess we all are dreamers, aren’t we?

4. Andre’ Villas-Boas: He had a horrible time at Stamford Bridge, with Drogba, Lampard, Terry all against his ways of young revolution. His ideas are very similar to FSG’s (bring in young exciting talent which helps the club in the future). He has had mixed reactions from Liverpool fans after he was linked with the managerial post at Anfield. He may just be the right way to go for Liverpool as he has got experience in Champions league and has had an excellent time at Porto with little experience in the premier league too.

Likely move: A move to Anfield is very probable and most likely to happen.

5. Luis Van Gaal: Very experienced man, has had a good time with Bayern Munich, Ajax and Barcelona. This is a world class manager we want he has won titles with every one of these clubs and FSG want him as the sporting director and look to bring in an inexperienced manager. They think this combination will work, and if look at it on paper it does. But here comes the twist Van Gaal has expressed his desire to become LFC’s new manager. So FSG are in a real fix, a wrong decision here could be the end of whoever is to manage the Reds under Van Gaal. My suggestion is bring In Van Gaal as the manager rather than sporting director, it’s the best option and probably/most likely to get us back into the top four.

Likely move: FSG will hire him as the sporting director, but there is a likelihood of him becoming the next manager.

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  • Bomber25 says:

    Yes. Brendan Rogers is not going to fare any better than Dalglish. The Fenway Sports Group are welcomed to waste their money.

  • Pete Gill says:

    Of course not.

    Any player would leap at the chance to play in a dump of a stadium in the slums of Liverpool for a team that hasnt won the league for 22 years and wont win it this century, being cheered on by a rabble of fans who still think its 1983.

    Who could refuse.

  • CK4505 says:

    I personally would have liked to see AVB he has a great footballing mind,can spot talent and can read a game well, he had too much resistance at Chelsea, which lead to his demise.
    LVG would be my next option very experienced and a no nonsense type of guy perfect for where we are at the moment, unfortunately Rodgers will get the job (i really don’t know why) and we will struggle, LFC will become even less more attractive than we are now to any really talented players out there.
    These are very dark times for us and i can see why every other club out there has caught up to us. Hell i would have beought Rafa back instead of Rodgers, oh well.

    • Tanay Nambiar says:

      CK4505, I agree with you. Personally even I was hoping AVB would get the job, but we’ve got to back Brendan Rogers till the end….Don’t forget he did manage a mediocre Swansea very well (who in my opinion played better football than Liverpool,they were far more consistent).So who knows what he can do with little more funds and some of our quality players.

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