Can Real Madrid tempt away Manchester City’s wing-wizard?

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Whilst Manchester City fans are doubtless still riding high on the tidal wave of success that aligns with claiming a Premier League title, there may well be some concerns about keeping this squad together. City have finally gelled as a team and now it seems Mancini’s task is to keep them together as one unit (and potentially add some new bodies to the mix). The club certainly has the money to do so, but will some of City’s elite be tempted by a move to La Liga?

We’ve already seen Yaya Toure’s agent put his client front and centre in the transfer window. Now we’re hearing from the Daily Mail that Real Madrid are lining up an audacious move for City ace David Silva.

The Spaniard played an important role in bringing the Premier League trophy to the blue side of Manchester and managed to create more goals than any other player in the top flight along the way. He would have been a dead certainty for Player of the Season, had he not tailed off a little in the mid-section of this year’s football.

Now Jose Mourinho, fresh off of signing a new four-year contract at the Bernabeu is keen to bring the 26-year-old to Madrid. Silva’s in the Spanish capital as we speak, having joined up with the rest of his National side to train in advance of Euro 2012.

Silva joined City from Valencia back in 2010 commanding a fee of around £24m. If City were to sell him you can be sure that they’d now get a significantly higher fee. But he’s a vital part of this team and Mancini won’t want to sell. Neither is he in the economic situation whereby he needs to sell players.

But Real Madrid can offer Silva an opportunity to play in his home country and a chance to win La Liga titles. They also (arguably) offer a better chance of winning the Champions League than European newbies City.

But Silva has always expressed his joy at being a part of this City team and a desire to hang around. As such, I’m not sure we should give this rumour too much credence.

Surely Real Madrid’s interest signifies one thing – City have finally made it. Clubs like Manchester United are used to the Spanish powerhouses poaching their players. Having worked their way to success it looks like Man City’s player’s loyalties will be tested too.

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  • Salford Blue says:

    Your description of Silva as someone who plays on the wing sums up your knowledge of the game, even before clicking on the article.

    You speak like we should be proud and reached a definitive milestone as Real Madrid are interested in our players…how lucky we are.

    No debts, Champions of England, can outbid ANYONE for ANY player and still people think we are a selling club.

    A gem of an article…bravo

  • Blue manc says:

    Same old crap I see

    • saluteglazers says:

      Any repeated garbage to keep them brainless cut and paste jurnos typing.

  • fletch says:

    get hazzard £30 million, sell silva £80 million,keep nasri, £50 million towards ffp done deal

  • Blueboy says:

    Joke of a story, who is it tomorrow? Aguero again? Yaya again? Never a day goes by without some made up story about City…….I guess we have made it now then!

  • Maxxi says:

    Bugger off Mourinho

  • Maxxi says:

    offer a better chance of winning the Champions League? they have best chance, they bottle it…. LOL

  • What? says:

    Wing wizard? Really?

  • Bmfc says:

    @stafford blue, errm no debts ? How do you work that one mate!, and yes to the above, you have finally made it. The real truth is that wolves would of done it to with those Arabs in charge, I’m glad you toppled united though and I think you will stay there for many years to come.

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