What next for Roberto Martinez?

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Roberto Martinez has been manager of Wigan Athletic since 2009 and is hailed as one of the best young managers around. The problem is, where does he go from here? He’s got plaudits all around but when something goes wrong these can quickly disappear, is it time to move on from Wigan and if so, how much of a jump should he take?

Let’s face it, Wigan are a club that are going nowhere. They’ve been bobbing around the relegation zone for years and since Martinez took over they’ve been battling relegation. This isn’t the managers fault, there is only so much a man can do an Martinez has done enough. Wigan’s run of 7 wins in 9 games saved them from relegation this year when it seemed they were destined for Championship football. The thing which shows Martinez’s great ability is the fact that despite being in a real spot of bother and having the threat of regulation hovering above the club, Martinez still insisted on playing football the right way. We hear a lot about how Barca, Arsenal and Swansea play the beautiful game, but Wigan also play this way. This is all down to Martinez.

Roberto Martinez deserves to have a shot at a bigger club, somewhere that he can test himself, strive for better performances and success. If Wigan are going anywhere, it’s down. A lot has been said about Martinez joining Liverpool but I’d be wary if I was Roberto. Wigan to Liverpool is a big jump, though granted it’s not as big due to the decline of the side. The fanbase is still huge and still extremely expectant. Liverpool needs reforming and I’m not sure Martinez would get the time to transform the club into what it should be. Martinez has turnt down Aston Villa in the past, while West Brom could also be a potential destination for him. Personally, I think these are better options for the Spainard.

Roy Hodgson was ousted at Liverpool after failing to make the jump from West Brom, although I still think it was the wrong decision. I can see thim happening to Martinez as well, hence why I think he should take it one step at a time and join a smaller club first. Villa have had a poor season, but they still have players that have the attributes to take them to a higher level. With some work and effort, they could be potential Europa League contenders- so could West Brom.

This seems like the best option for me. I’d hate to see a brilliant, young manager like Martinez fail at a big club early on as it could jeopardise the whole process of his career. He’s only 38, he has plenty of years ahead of him. There’s plenty of time for him to get the chance to manage a top club, why jump the gun and risk the name he’s built up for himself. After all, if he was to fail at Anfield he wouldn’t be remembered for the good job he did at Wigan, he would just be another manager that failed at Liverpool.

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  • hayzee says:

    Unbelievable elitist claptrap. “Wigan are a club that is going nowhere” – It was only in 1978 that we gained election to the football league. Thirty four years to go from a small, run down ground and a team newly promoted to the football league, to a club in a new stadium with a team that has competed against and beaten most of the top teams this season. Ask Alex Ferguson if his team thought we were going nowhere when we beat them at the DW stadium. We even had a perfectly good goal disallowed. Ask Alan Pardew what his thoughts are about Wigan after his last visit to the DW. Take a good look around and have a look at these so-called “big clubs”. Remember, that once upon a time Leeds were invincible. Once upon a time Nottingham Forest had a record run of staying undefeated. Derby County were a force to be reckoned with. What is now is not what will always be. You base your somewhat bizarre assumptions on very little. There is no meat on the bone you are gnawing at.

    By the way, it isn’t “Martinez turnt down Aston Villa in the past” I believe the word you are struggling to find is turned. Try a spellchecker occasionally.

  • Football facts not fiction says:

    Please check your facts and grammar(pointed above) before publishing.
    ‘Roy Hodgson ousted from Liverpool…….from West Brom…’ – didn’t he move from Fulham?
    Are you a Villa fan in disguise?
    A word of advice – write about what you know and check your facts.

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