Sergio Aguero, Luis Suarez, RVP: Are they staying put for loyalty or comfort?


Wolves’ Stephen Hunt has decided to stay with the Orange outfit and fight for promotion after being limited to only 7 league appearances due to a groin injury while everyone’s favourite joker, Balotelli made his intentions clear in the Italian press stating, in a very Balotelli-style fashion, “I play at Manchester City. I am happy at City and I will remain there.” Good old Mario, he seems to be the modern spirit of Gascoigne, Cantona, Robbie Savage, Di Canio and Maradona all heavily blended with a zest of cheekiness. At least, characters like him ensure that bit of extra entertainment to football fans.

Cesc Fabregas on the other hand expressed his desire for Van Persie to stay at Arsenal. I might add that he is not in the “right position” to say such a thing and I cannot think of only myself having that thought. Perhaps deep inside Cesc is finding it hard to digest Robin’s tally of more than 30 goals. Perhaps Cesc fears disappearing in the hearts of some and simply wants to show some care for his former club? “Perhaps” unfortunately can be never-ending just as Manchester City’s spending needs. The Blue outfit recently decided to thank their Italian manager for his achievement with an unsurprising three-year contract of “only” £ 15 million… nice one Roberto! I would throw a party and invite all the neighbours this week, as the weather is great. Roberto might show his secret pasta recipe, who knows what he is cooking for next season?

Spurs fan should be happy too, as the former Arsenal striker seems to be enjoying his football at White Hart Lane. Adebayor has quickly instated himself as a vital part of Harry Redknapp’s team with 17 goals in 33 Premier League appearances and has recently declared his desire to stay with the North London club. The 28 year old spoke to the PFA, saying “I don’t know yet whether I’ll be here or not next year but my first choice now would be to stay at Tottenham”, adding, “I am not going to go on my knees and beg anyone; this is for others to sort out.” Still a silver-tongued protagonist of the beautiful game our good old Adebayor!

Funny how moral fibre seem to flourish over heavy wallets?

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