These are the CHANGES that could lead Manchester City to the Premier League title next season:


It is surely now only a matter of time before it is confirmed the Premier League title will be going back to Old Trafford, leaving Manchester City having to be content with 2nd place and no trophy this season. Does this mean Manchester City have failed this season? Who or what is to blame and who takes the punishment for the lack of trophies?

Manchester City started of the season in blistering form, winning 11 out of the first 12 games of the season, the highlight surely being the 1-6 demolition of Manchester United at Old Trafford. Since then though, results have been harder to come by. Key players such as David Silva and Yaya Toure appear jaded from the gruelling season and have therefore lost the sizzling edge to their game. Home form has remained incredibly strong (15 wins-1 draw-0 losses) but away form has led to concerns that City aren’t consistent enough at the back and lack pace on the counter attack.

Another concern is that Mancini is tactically naïve in comparison to Sir Alex Ferguson, who has masterminded a certain title for possibly his weakest United squad while he has been in charge. This has led to questions that if City can’t win the title this year when United are undoubtedly at their weakest, will they ever win it?

Last but certainly not least is Mario Balotelli. What can be said that hasn’t already been said about this so called “genius”? He splits opinions between the fans but how many times must he let down the hard-working, exemplary professionals like Vincent Kompany and Gareth Barry and the deserving fans before they realise that Balotelli is not good enough for the team to have to carry for the majority of games and has put the club into disrepute too many times.

If Manchester City are going to win the Premier League next season then Roberto Mancini must keep his job as manager or else the fans face a longer wait for that first league title in almost half a century as the new manager adjusts the club to their personal style. However, Mancini certainly has issues to address this summer. First, Mario Balotelli must be got rid of, despite Mancini’s close relationship with the striker, City must follow the example set by their rivals across town, Manchester United, who offload players as soon as they start to develop a media circus that could derail the club and still achieve continued success, the sales of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are evidence that one player doesn’t make the United team. Also, with Carlos Tevez certain to be leaving, City must sign lively attacking players who have experience to keep their heads and keep their teammates calm as they will face pressure from at least one of the Premier League’s other big clubs throughout the season. If Manchester City prepare themselves correctly, there is no reason why they can’t take their progression to the next stage next season.

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  • HeavyRiffs says:

    Erm, City are two points off the lead and yet to host Nited, not even thinking about next season yet…

  • Sejano says:

    Cristiano didn’t go because he felt bigger than the team. He wanted to play for Madrid and MUFC made a great piece of business out of it. He wasn’t a Japp Staam nor Van Nistelrooij let alone a mercenary such as Troll Tevez

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