The FIVE big changes Liverpool need to make to compete for the title next season:

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Every season we say, the next season will be ours, but it doesn’t really work like that. The manager usually makes changes in areas where improvement is needed, but what happens when the changes made during the last does not work out? Do you continue to spend on more players? Or do you try and improve them, so that you can hope that they will fit into the squad in the near future? Or do you sell them off, so that, new players can be bought with the money from sale?

So where does Kenny Dalglish improve on the Liverpool squad?

There are few players who need to come into the Reds squad in 2012-13 season during the summer transfer window. Liverpool is in the need of; a proven goal scorer and a creative wing-man to fill up our spot and to challenge Downing. The Reds lack creativity and therefore are not able to trouble the opposition as much as they need to. Craig Bellamy and Dirk Kuyt are almost at the end of their career, so a quality wing man is important for the Reds to improve their squad.

1. Kenny should invest in good quality signings for the midfield and should not be in doubt to bring on Sterling and Suso from the reserves and onto the starting 11.

Players heavily linked with Liverpool:
Eden Hazard, Marko Marvin, Ibrahim Afellay, Jonathan Biabiany and Arjen Robben.
Dalglish should invest in one of these players if not two.

Quality players who can be brought in from the reserves to boost the midfield:
Raheem Sterling, Jonjo Shelvey, Adam Morgan and Suso.

Kenny must play these rising stars in his squad more often, so that they can learn and grow under seniors Gerrard, Bellamy, Rodriguez and Kuyt.

2. The Reds strike force also seems to be a major problem, so investments need to be made on individuals who are talented enough to fortify our attack. According to the recent transfer updates Dalglish seems to be interested in proven strikers and therefore an interest in Dzeko and Adebayor.

Players heavily linked with Liverpool:
Gonzalo Higuain, Luuk De Jong, Edinson Cavani, Edin Dzeko, Soldado, Emmanuel Adebayor.
These are some individuals who have been linked to a Merseyside move, so it seems Dalglish is ready to spend big on strikers as solution for Liverpool’s goal scoring problem and to partner Luis Suarez.

3. Offload unused players who do not fit into the clubs future; Alberto Aquilani, Joe Cole, Fabio Aurelio.
Since Cole and Aquilani seem to be close to sealing the deal with Lille and AC Milan, Aurelio has to be offloaded during the summer transfer window this season. As he is becoming an unused individual, Liverpool could cut down their wage expenses.

4. Give Adam and Henderson some more time to prove themselves; Downing on the other hand has been improving game by game so expect him to be an important player next season. Carroll on the other hand needs a run of games until the end of the season, and then can be judged whether he should stay at Anfield or be sold.

5. Must have Gerrard and Suarez play together more often, as Liverpool seem to do well with both players on the field. With new players coming in next season, these two players would be very important for a Liverpool’s title challenge.

These are the areas where Dalglish needs to focus on, remember this season was a work in progress but we can’t afford another season like this one, or we would be labeled as a mediocre team which challenges for a spot in the Europa League. Another important point should be that, if Agger or Skrtel were to get injured, Coates should be the immediate replacement and should not be picked after Carragher. Coates is an important individual for Liverpool’s future and should be given enough games to understand the Premier League.

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  • M. says:

    Good points, though missing the most important one – sack KD & appoint someone qualified & modern; may be younger.

  • Ben says:

    Point 4: Adam should ONLY be given time to find a new club. He is not good enough and is actually a liability. Henderson has been given game time, but unfortunately has been played out of position. Would like to see what he can do in the middle. He could very well be one for the future, but for now we need more quality than he can provide!
    As for the potential signings you mention, then yes they would be great, but the way we are going in the league it’ll be very hard to persuade them to come here with other clubs who are doing better than us interested! The only way I can see us getting Hazard is if we massively outbid everyone else and Lille refuse to sell to them due to this and he becomes desparate to leave and plumps for us!! Which is all very unlikely. He’ll go to Real Madrid imo!

    • Tanay says:

      A hazard move is rather unlikely but we need someone of his calibre. A creative midfield player, I don’t think Henderson can fill that space so we should use cole as a bargain chip for hazard, to try and lure him.

    • Tanay says:

      De Jong is a big possibility to move here, as he was interested to move to Liverpool. Fc Twente are also playing Europa league so that won’t come into his consideration. Adebayor is happy at tottenham but they may not be able to afford him whereas in Dzeko’s case he is not able to get enough game time. So lfc should bid for either of them

  • Tsmith says:

    Recall AA!!! Aquiliani is needed to balance liverpools midfield …….. Lucas , gerrard , a fit aquiline , and someone between Adam and jo shelvey or Jay ……. A balanced midfield!

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