Liverpool’s priorities: trim the fat and invest in quality signings

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Just how is Kenny Dalglish supposed to earn his long-term Liverpool contract?Many questions arise when I think about the Red’s defeat at the hands of QPR; A) How did Liverpool let a dominating 2-0 lead become a 3-2 loss? B) Why was Luis Suarez substituted in 72nd minute to accommodate Andy Carroll? Or C) Why was Jordan Henderson brought on for Charlie Adam when clearly everyone would have picked Craig Bellamy?

I really do not want to think about last night’s huge disappointment, but a fact is a fact, we have been one of the most inconsistent teams in the Premier League this season. Every time we do well in a cup fixture, our league performances are poor. So are we getting a little over our heads with the wins in the cup matches?

There have also been many arguments concerning Kenny Dalglish, regarding his suitability for the managerial role. Dalglish splashed the cash on many talented players, since his return to the managerial role: Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing, Andy Carroll, Luis Suarez, Sebastian Coates, Jose Enrique and Craig Bellamy.

Out of them; Luis Suarez, Jose Enrique and Craig Bellamy have made their mark at Anfield whereas Henderson, Carroll, Adam and Downing have been flops this season. While Downing seems to be making progress, Carroll and Henderson have been consistently Liverpool’s weak links. Adam started the season on a high note but after the first 6 games his performances have been on the lower side.

That being said Liverpool need to be part of the summer transfer, they would need to part with some players and invest in proven players. I think Henderson, Carroll and Adam should be given until the end of the season to prove themselves otherwise we should part with them and try and get the max value out of them. I would give Downing another 6 months since he has been improving and putting up match winning performances in some games.

Liverpool should also get rid of their excess players like Aurelio, Cole and Aquilani. Since Aquilani is close to sealing the deal with AC Milan his transfer should be no problem. On the other hand Cole could be Liverpool’s bargain chip with Lille for Eden Hazard.

Liverpool needs to invest in players, or else they can forget about any aspirations of ‘winning the league title’ or qualifying for the ‘Champions League’.

I have mentioned it before, about the transfer period, and therefore the need to buy quality players for us to even have hopes for a new Liverpool era.

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  • M. says:

    Hit the nail at the tail, unfortunately. Sack KD, appoint a younger & aspirational Manager, give him 50mn + salvage of the KD British garbage.

    Actually, 2012-13 is also gone for us & unless KD is not shown the door (I thought he ‘ll step down with dignity, I was wrong) by May this year, we ‘ll not play CL in 2013-14 as well, rather ‘ll be closer to relegation.

  • judgestevep says:

    Bellamy wasn’t on the bench as he was injured? Did you watch the game?

  • judgestevep says:

    M. Do you mean appoint someone like AVB, who has done so well at Chelsea and been sacked.

    Winning trophies is more important to get people who are not used to winning get into the winning mentality. Fourth place has never won anything before as far back as I can remember.

    At the end of this season, we may have two trophy’s. Would you sack The King then? Kenny would never be sacked, he has earnt his place in Liverpool history and he would know when its time to step down. It certainly won’t be yet, and not until we have the infrasture and mentality to fight for titles again.

  • Akash@Superstarfc says:

    ONLY ONE OPTION: Appoint FRANK RIJKAARD…. Very Talent Manager. Attacking mind.
    SACK dalglidh. Dalglish is worst than roy hodgson.

  • hem1 says:

    LMFAO!! Sell Carroll and Henderson, stupidity. 1 We wont get anything like the 55 million we outlaid on the pair. 2 Too judge them properly Henderson needs to be playing in CM, his natural position and Carroll needs a run of games. Adam no probs get shot of him. But if theirs a problem with the team its the manager. i for one say bring back Rafa!

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