Why it may be time for Spurs to stop fighting and cash-in:


Many have applauded Daniel Levy’s stance on Luka Modric’s proposed transfer to Chelsea as he is making the player respect his contract and refusing to bow to pressure from Abramovic and Modric himself.

I feel that this is commendable as Spurs obviously do not want to loose their best players and following a fantastic Champions League run last season they have tasted what it’s like to compete in Europes elite competition and want to be up there again.

However, Modric clearly wants to leave and recent newspaper reports suggest that Tottenham’s stance may be faltering and Levy may actually be forced to sell Modric after all rather than keep him against his will. So what would happen to Tottenham if they did loose Modric?

I think that the situation can be likened somewhat to the situation across North London where Arsenal are also standing strong and trying to force their key midfield player to stay despite his will to leave. I also think that, although both these players would be a huge loss to their respective teams, if they can hold out and negotiate a large sum for them, then the money could be used to strengthen weaker areas of the team.

Spurs have some great talent in their midfield without Modric and, creatively, they could deploy Rafael Van der Vaart through the centre with Bale and Lennon on the wings. They could then use the Modric money to buy a world class centre forward, a centre half to partner Michael Dawsonand maybe another midfield player to replace Modric if neccesary. With Tom Huddlestone and the much improved Brazilian Sandro, they already have two very good central midfield players, though very different players to Modric, and with a tweak in formation they could find their team is just as strong with the Croatian does leave.

Spurs will of course not want to lose him, but if the money is invested back into the squad well and sensibly by ‘Arry and co, then they could still find themselves back in the Champions League positions at the end of the season. are seeking new writers to join the team! If you’re passionate about football, drop us a line at “” to learn more.

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  • gog says:

    What crock of postulating I mean you just guessing at this and cobbling a few stories together to make one theory the only team that willlose out if tottenham keep hold of Modric is???? Chelsea so why the hell should spurs be bothered they dont need the money so who cares,lets see how Chelsea survive this season with a weak midfield

  • JohnnyB says:

    Money isn’t the issue. Spurs have money to buy a top class forward (whether thay can attract one is an arguement for another day). Being able to get by without Modric isn’t the issue either. The issue is clubs ‘unsettleing’ players in the first place. Yes, by ‘unsettling’ I mean tapping up. If Spurs decide, money is more important then they can expect their other top players to return from their summer breaks next season ‘unsettled’ and with their ‘heads turned’. It’ll be open season on all players, contract or not.

  • cfc2O11 says:

    He obviously wants to leave because chelsea is the better team, I doubt he was tapped up! Chelsea’s midfield weak last season due to ancelotti’s mistakes and how the players felt, but what I’ve season of chelsea this pre season we don’t need a modric are young and old players have proven them selves to avb. Modric would just be a bonus!

    • Mark says:

      Chlsea said today that they are not spending / buying any more players in this transfer window. Please wake up.

  • Benson says:

    Spurs’ “stance may be faltering” and as you rightly say “according to newspapers.” The same newspapers that claimed Dawson had had a bust up with the board over his contract? Same papers that claimed we wanted Zigic?

    Fact is there is no “fight” he’s under contract, case closed. Us selling him sends out the wrong message to potential targets, other players in the team and to our rivals. Why sell to a rival when there is no need? Also defending your stance by saying we’d only need to “tweak” in midfield is counteractive. Why should we “tweak” when there’s no need for “tweaking?” No matter how many times bloggers or journalists alike practically beg Spurs to sell to Chelsea so they can fill a few column inches IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!

  • Pete says:

    Why it may be time for you to write something different instead of going over and over and over the same old b*llsh*t!

  • Pete says:

    Why should spurs stop fighting? Because you say so? United wouldn’t sell Rooney, Arsenal won’t sell Fabregas, Liverpool won’t sell Gerrard, Chelsea wouldn’t sell Torres, so why should we sell Modric. So, the real question is Toby, what the f*ck do you know about football!!??

  • Ray says:

    Toby, I doubt very much that you know anything about football. Your entire acticle is nonsensical, repetitive and biased in equal measure. Infact, I’d say that you’re condescending in commending Levy for making a stand against the all poweful Russian cheat and even Modric himself, WTF. For your information, Modric is a Spurs player whether he likes it or not and for your information, under contract for the next 5 years. The Russian cheat can huff and puff as much as he wants it wont make one iota of difference to Levy, he isnt under any pressue whats so ever to sell and does not need to. Redknapp and Bond can say what they like, they are not the decision makers at Spurs, Levy and Joe Lewis are.
    Would chelsea sell their best player? You have got to be a prized prick to believe anything printed in the low class, no class daily mail, star sun or mirror newspapers, they write so much bullshit on a daily basis and take themselves far too seriously as if they are an authourity. SSN also falls into this catagory. Do not mix up the Modric saga with the Berbatov situation the two are vastly different. As for cfc2011, you’re obviously a new chelsea fan and know even less than Toby so go take a pill.

  • Next bus to Woolwich! says:

    How can anyone with an ounce of intelligence bother to read this article,I stopped after seeing lose spelt incorrectly twice, is there more?? Come on who wrote this a 12 year old that is basic stuff and just insults intelligence.Dreadful.

  • anon says:

    Only retards support all the good players joining Chelsea/Man Utd

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