The Dawning of the New Big Four?


Manchester United. Chelsea. Arsenal. Liverpool. For years this quadruplet of footballing giants bossed England, each using their own individual styles to bring success (or at least valiant attempts) to their clubs, but all good things must end, and with the Premiership becoming ever more competitive, we have to ask, are others ready to be accepted into the elite?

Clubs will always have their highs and lows, my own club Derby County had a period at the top of the premiership some years ago. These days they sit in the Championship on their rocking chairs, reminiscing glorious times with Leeds and Nottingham Forest, but the trio who were once unbeatable are all struggling to even get into the top league, let alone top it. So it is important to remember that as great as teams seem, it won’t last forever and some years down the line, these powers could well be facing relegation.

So let us assess the six teams in my opinion will be battling for that elite:

Manchester United:

Being just 18 years of age I’ve grown up as United as the backbone of every top four, and despite money troubles beginning to surface, you couldn’t possibly rule this team out. Always seemingly an older squad, Ferguson has worked on decreasing the average age this year, which although pundits questioned, has so far breathed fresh life into the team, seeing them muster a terrific result against tough cookies Tottenham on Monday night. Prediction: 1st


I held a conversation with a Chelsea fan during the close season, who, despite being a fan of his club through thick and thin, admitted he felt he was watching the slow decline of his club, and after thinking about it, I guess I understood. The greatest managers and high quality players have played for Chelsea in recent years, and yet Chelsea usually vary between outstanding and shocking, but as manager after manager faces harsh sackings you wonder if Chelsea have expectations too high. With a squad of relatively old players you feel they are going to struggle more now. People have seen Liverpool and Arsenal crumble recently, and I feel Chelsea’s time in the big four is almost up. Prediction: 2nd

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    It good that is your opinion and it is only b4 the winow shuts for purchases ans sales. Now revisit your opinion on 7th sept 2011

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