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Can Newcastle avoid relegation this season?


Last season, nearly promoted Newcastle maybe surprised some people with their overall performance and impressive displays against Arsenal, Aston Villa & Sunderland. When manager Alan Pardew sold top scorer Andy Carroll to Liverpool for £35 million, many thought they would struggle to survive without replacing him, but managed to do so relatively comfortably. Although during this summer a number of situations have occurred, resulting in the loss of key players, most recently Joey Barton. This leaves Newcastle in a dangerous position for maintaining their Premier League position.

The summer began with contract talks between Newcastle and club captain Kevin Nolan, but after a rejection of a 5 year contract by the club due to his age, they sold him to relegated West Ham. This development upset both fans but, several first team players, including Joey Barton & Jose Enrique. Alan Pardew then brought in a couple of new signings, striker Demba Ba from West Ham, midfielder Sylvain Marveaux from Rennes on free transfers and French international Yohan Cabaye for over £4 million. Current players who were key to the success of the club last season, have been offered new contracts, including midfielder Tiote, who impressed in his debut season.

On the 1st August after a series of messages were posted on the social network site, Twitter, Mike Ashley decided to release player Joey Barton. He had previously committed his future to the football club and then was in involved in speculation of a transfer to another Premier League team. The decision to release Joey Barton yesterday on a free transfer, rather than sell him for £3-4 million, shows how annoyed the Newcastle board are with his actions over the summer. This is the same club who had stuck by him when he was sentenced to six months in prison. Many will disagree with the decision of Mike Ashley, but Joey Barton has continuously commenting on the overall running of the football club. In any business other than football, if you question the quality of the management in a such a public manner, then you will face the sack.

With the new season only two weeks away and an increasing number of players becoming unhappy with the situation at Newcastle United, can they avoid the drop this year? With three of their main players leaving in the last 8 months, and a couple more apparently wanting to leave, Jose Enrique & Fabricio Coloccini. All of this along with increasing expectations from the supporters, makes this coming season extremely important. If they fail to stay in the league then it will make the remaining and future players question the direction the football club is heading, considering the amount of money made from transfers. I just hope the players can stick by the clubs board and move forward together and improve on last seasons position.

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  • LAT says:

    Yes. 1)the transfer window hasn’t closed yet – lets wait until then to predict. 2) We have actually signed 4 decent looking players – slightly disrespectful to just assume they are going to be rubbish without giving them a chance. 3) Joey barton had one good season at Newcastle (and to be fair, he also had some stinking games during last season) and was becoming a disruptive force. It might not be the worst thing for ‘team spirit’ to get rid.

  • Duff says:

    Let’s not forget we don’t know what does on behind closed doors. Ranting on twitter is bad enough but viewing Mr Bartons past trangressions you have to wonder how he conducts himself in training etc.
    It may well have been a culmination of things alongside the Twitting.
    I for one appreciated he was one of the best players last season but only last season, there is still too much of the ‘best player’ mentality in his words, some players will probably be glad to see the back of him.
    I just feel sorry for the fans, we have to watch this soap opera every season, It really puts a dampener on pre-season.

  • marct says:

    I am totally behind Joey Barton. I think its rare to be in a situation where it is the player showing his loyalty and the club turning their back on the players. I have been to Darlington and Leeds for pre season and to say we have 4 decent looking players is wrong, Ba offers us nothing that Ameobi hasnt got. You have have to think would we have paid money for them if they werent free? The answer is no. The only promising thing to come from any of the pre season games is that Vukic has had a good run. I am not dooming us to relegation but questions need to be asked as to why a club with such a proud and loyal following is showing no ambition what so ever. I dont want to hear that £35 million will include agent fees and new contracts and what ever. I want to see players come in worthy of replacing the ones that Ashley has ruthlessly sold off…

  • jimSafc says:

    Amusing as it is to watch all this turmoil from nearby as a sunderland fan, however….. I actually feel sorry for the Mags.Their fans are equally as passionate as we are about our football and deserve better from their owner and top management.
    Barton shud really try n keep his mouth shut on Twitter and maintain a professional silence no matter how frustrated he feels with Ashley n co, he is paid very well to play football and not stir fans and media into more unecessary turmoil. Him being transfer listed is designed to pull him back into rank however I wudnt be surprised if a club snaps him up leaving the Mags proper up sh*t creek without a strong spirited effective midfielder to replace him……. unless Pardew has sumthin in the pipeline u guys dont know about…. cheer up lads “Hooooo the lads..U shudve seen em GANNIN!” ….lol

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