Things we are learning from Euro 2024

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If you are very passionate about football, then it’s a great idea to engage in EURO 2024 betting, since it’s incredibly fun. But at the same time, this Euro season has been full of surprises. Teams that haven’t qualified for years are putting on great matches, some of the favorites are already home, so there’s definitely a lot to be had here, which is why we made a quick list. Here you can see what you can learn from Euro 2024 and how it might affect future events like this.

The teams are highly motivated

We saw that many teams, like Romania or Turkey have been highly motivated, despite not having any major chances in anyone’s eyes. But they went out of the group phase very quickly, and they do show that everything is possible. Matches are played on the field, and you do have the opportunity to learn quite a lot from these. Which is why we think that Euro 2024 has been a great event thus far.

Many teams got to shine, and while some of the favorites like Spain went through without a problem, we did end up with surprises too. And that’s the beauty of football, after all. You always get to learn new things, see teams that surprise everyone, but also unique challenges that appear here and there. It truly is unlike anything out there, and people have come to embrace that.

Some teams have a harder time

While there were surprises, there’s no denying that we had disappointments too. Belgium is one of them, but also England. Even if they managed to go through, they barely did so, and that alone goes to show the struggles that they are dealing with at this time.

Video assistants are very handy

Using video assistants for major situations like off sides or goals that are unclear is extremely helpful. Not only did this made the referee lives easier, but it also offers concrete proof. Until now, some might say that there can be some bias. But in this case, there’s no bias to be found, and it just goes to show the uniqueness of this situation and the unique challenges that can appear sometimes with these things.

Lost of late goals

It’s another thing we noticed during Euro 2024, there were a lot of late goals during most of the matches. Of course, there were also some very early on, but generally, most teams ended up scoring in the latter part of the match. And that’s fine, but it’s also interesting to see something like this because it rarely happens. Most matches these days tend to be a lot more balanced. But that’s not what happened here, at least for the time being.

Sustainability is very important

While this might have slid off the radar, there’s no denying that this year, Euro’s organizers have focused a lot on sustainability. There’s more focus on improving the travel and eliminating a lot of the potential issues and challenges. On top of that, there were certain limitations designed to improve the flow and make the experience great for everyone. All while keeping things very sustainable.

As a whole, we think there’s a lot to learn these days from Euro 2024. The teams themselves upped the ante and they are offering a very engaging, although quite immersive set of matches. And we only expect things to get better and better as we go towards the final. So we are all excited to see where the teams will go and who will end up battling for the grand prize.

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