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Looking at the Likely Outcomes of the Premier League

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The 2022/23 season has been somewhat of an anomaly. What looked like one of the first seasons to go ahead uninterrupted by pandemics ended up still feeling the effects of the pandemic due to the unorthodox timing of the World Cup. Taking place over the winter months as opposed to the usual Summer timeslot, domestic leagues had to deal with interruptions to their playing schedules and access to their players.

With all of this uncertainty going on, it is no surprise that some teams have been dealing with these problems better than others, and this is reflected in the current standings of the Premier League table. It is fair to say that form and predictions have gone out the window in many cases, which is turn has given us an interesting albeit unpredictable league this season.

Considering that the Premier League is the most popular football betting market in the United Kingdom, it is safe to say that there is a huge interest in the likely outcomes of the Premier League this season.

Defending Champions

With the first half of the Premier League now over, many people are questioning if Manchester City will come out on top again after securing the title for the last two seasons in a row. Erling Haaland has been a key player for the Sky Blues this season, with 25 Premier League goals since he signed in 2022. Kevin De Bruyne is considered to be one of the best central midfielders in the league and their combination could be the point of difference as the title race heats up in the next couple of months. Although they still are one of the best teams in the competition, they have not been replicating the outstanding performances that they displayed in recent years.

Interestingly, they could be pushed out of the title by Arsenal who have Mikel Arteta as their manager. The former Man City assistant coach has breathed new life into the team with a new management strategy which has bonded the team together. This has led to some great results for the team and they currently sit at the top of the table with sixteen wins and only two losses. Talented defender William Saliba could be the difference maker for the Gunners, and the rumours of his contract being extended until 2024 will be well received by fans of the team.

Other Contenders

Outside of the top two, the usual contenders for the title are not performing as well as expected. For example, Liverpool are hovering around ninth place and have not been reaching the usual high standards they would expect of themselves. On top of this, they are at a disadvantage from a lack of investment and a midfield that is stagnant. Liverpool have also been plagued with injuries that have impacted how they are playing in the competition. However, there is still time to recover from these injuries and if they manage to recuperate their team, Liverpool could still make a rung to challenge for the title. Chelsea are another team that have been severely impacted by injuries and this has had a negative effect on their season so far. Sitting in tenth place with just eight league wins, it is unlikely that they will be able to add to their collection of six Premier League titles this year. They will look to improve their performances in the remainder of the season and lay the groundwork to build on so they can challenge for the top of table again next season.

Relegation Battle

Tottenham will be battling out to avoid relegation in the remainder of the Premier League matches. Still in with a chance for getting a decent placement in the league, the only thing that lets this club down is the lack of a solid strategy and long-term plan which could have been instrumental for their success. Even though the team is renowned for being the most profitable club in the league, their inability to recruit new players and instead put more pressure on older veterans has cost them. Aston Villa and Leicester are also battling to avoid the relegation zone, with Leicester recently securing an important win over the Lions which has helped to ease their relegation woes for the time being. With few points separating the bottom half of the table, the latter end of the season will throw up some interesting match ups in the bid to avoid dropping down.

In conclusion, with the second half of the Premier League underway it is worth checking out where each team is in the leaderboard and what the likely outcomes will be of the competition. With many football fans all over the world routing for teams such as Manchester City or Arsenal it will certainly be interesting to see which team will be the overall winners at the end of the season.

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