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Liverpool: Maguire gives verdict on club’s Super League stance

Image for Liverpool: Maguire gives verdict on club’s Super League stance

Football finance expert Kieran Maguire has claimed that Liverpool will be ‘happy’ to find a way back into the European Super League should a new effort be made.

The concept was that 12 major European clubs would form their own league and break away from UEFA. Liverpool were one of the 12 clubs involved. It caused great controversy and in the end, the English sides backtracked, with the plans shelved.

However, The Athletic recently reported that Barcelona president Joan Laporta has insisted that there is still interest from the Premier League clubs, with Barca, Juventus and Real Madrid all open about their support of the Super League proposals.

Speaking to Football Insider, Maguire claimed the idea was ‘further indication’ that the owners of the Premier League have no idea about the importance of domestic football and that Liverpool would ‘put pressure on’ to join the league should the idea resurface in the future.

He stated: “There is no doubt that it was crocodile tears from the owners of the Big Six clubs.

“They were because they were privately furious that their plans had effectively been vetoed by the fans.

“This is further indication that the people who own these clubs have absolutely no idea what domestic football is all about in terms of its culture and history.

“Therefore, Liverpool would be more than happy to find some sort of route into the Super League.

“They will be using all of their persuasive powers and their lobbying agencies. They will also put pressure on an independent regulator to allow them into this competition should it [ever] form again.”

TIF Thoughts on Maguire’s comments…

We believe that if the Super League was to rear its head once again, Liverpool and the other Premier League sides would be open to joining.

However, considering the huge protests and disdain for the concept from fans, trying to pitch the idea once again will likely have the same outcome.

FSG need to be very careful, as the owners are not well-liked by the Reds fanbase and it appears the talk of a potential sale has some very excited.

If there are struggles to get a sale completed in a quick period, the Reds could still have FSG at the helm in the near future and be crawling their way back to the Super League while still under their control, which would only cause even more rage from the supporters.

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