What Does Chelsea Get With Mykhailo Mudryk

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It is safe to say that Chelsea’s Mykhailo Mudryk is one of the most interesting topics in the world of football today. He was seen as an Arsenal player just one day before he signed for their local rivals Chelsea. Not even people who bet on the move using the bet365 bonuscode 2023 and the like, expected this to happen. Now a Chelsea player, Mykhailo Mudryk has many things to prove to the blues and everybody in the Premier League. He cost Chelsea a lot of money, but today we are not going to discuss the money aspect. No, we are going to show you what this young player can bring to the table for Chelsea who are currently not in a very good form. Here are some of his best attributes.

He Is Fast

One of the best things when it comes to this talented young player is that he is fast. It seems that Chelsea lacks energy recently and this is exactly what Mykhailo Mudryk could change. The good thing is that he is fast without and with the ball. He showed many times before that he is a good dribbler and a creative striker. This will be a breath of fresh air the London club desperately needs.

He Is A Team Player

The player took the number 15 shirt when he came to the club. If you are a Chelsea lover, you know that was the exact same number Didier Drogba took when he came to Chelsea back in 2004. The Chelsea fans were thrilled with how good a team player Drogba was. Fortunately, Mykhailo Mudryk is the same. He definitely loves scoring goals and he does it beautifully, but he is also a team player who loves to assist his teammates. This season, he scored 7 goals, but also made 7 assists. That simply shows how unselfish he is.

His Finishing Is Good

We can honestly say that Chelsea has been struggling with finishing lately. They created many chances, but simply were not lethal in front of the goal. This talented striker will definitely change that. His finishing is rather good and when he plays, he resembles those old-school strikers who used to play in the best European leagues. He is a confident striker, and that means he will not be shy in front of goal.

If you love Chelsea, then you should definitely be happy with this new signing – Mykhailo Mudryk will help revive the team.

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