Liverpool: Dyer raves about ‘incredible’ Alexander-Arnold

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Ex-footballer Kieron Dyer raved about Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold on the True Geordie Podcast, claiming he’s ‘never seen technique like it since David Beckham’ when it comes to his abilities on the ball. 

It’s been an underwhelming season for the Reds right-back, who’s only amassed one clean sheet this season. He was called up by Gareth Southgate to England’s World Cup squad, but has only made one appearance so far, getting 33 minutes against Wales.

Dyer believes that Alexander-Arnold should’ve been given the chance to play in the Three Lions’ second group-stage match against the United States.

He admits that perhaps against some of the tougher sides, they should turn to Kieran Trippier or Kyle Walker, but the Liverpool man could be a threat in games against lower-ranked nations.

He stated: “I’ve heard everyone [saying] what Trent can’t do, what Trent can’t do. We never embrace what players can do. What can he do? Could you imagine him against USA the other night? You’re talking about Harry Kane got two touches of the ball inside the penalty box, starved.

“I’ve never seen technique like it since David Beckham. And this is from a right-back. He’s incredible going forward, but all we seem to do is bash him [for] what he can’t do.

“Okay, if you’re that worried, you weigh it up and you’re going, okay, he might get us a goal, but he might lose us two goals. I can understand that against a Brazil or a Spain. But when it’s USA, Wales – come on, get Trent on the pitch.”

TIF Thoughts on Dyer’s comments…

We believe that Dyer does have a point to make as far as the creativity that Alexander-Arnold could offer England is concerned.

Last season, the Reds right-back picked up 12 Premier League assists, while in the 2019/20 season, he assisted 13 times, demonstrating that he can be a real source of creativity.

However, the 0-0 result against the States was a poor one for England. In hindsight, you could argue that the 24-year-old should’ve started.

Kieran Trippier, who started the game, is another player who is a creative threat and has been delivering this season for Newcastle United. The 32-year-old has four goal contributions already this season and is also very solid defensively, with seven clean sheets to his name.

Trippier ended up delivering a poor performance last week, but based on his form with Newcastle this season and the shift he put in against Iran, we think it made complete sense for Southgate to start him ahead of Alexander-Arnold and while Dyer may have a case, we believe Alexander-Arnold is simply not enough of an all-rounder to be higher in the pecking order at present.

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